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S14.E07: Dance Like No One Is Watching

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59 minutes ago, KungFuBunny said:

Ronnie and Ben fake set up Vicki's answering machine

"I don't spread rumors. I;m just repeating something someone else said"

“Hello, Kill all Cancer, get a job” 😂 

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On 9/20/2019 at 12:33 PM, Thumper said:

I mostly notice his bright white teeth!  Wow.

Yes! He looks like Bugs Bunny just got his teeth whitened.

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On 9/20/2019 at 7:35 PM, Anne Thrax said:

Tamra:  "She really hit you hard with the mallot" (demonstrates)  I don't want to scare you, but my ex-husband got hit on the top of the head . . . . "  yada yada

Shannon: "My left eye is blurry"

Tamra "I don't know, maybe you should talk to the doctor", and "We don't want any swelling in your brain."

Was Shannon not overreacting fast enough for Tamra?  So obvious she's doing her utmost to stir Shannon up.  But, success!  Shannon starts weeping as if her headache is terminal.

Oh my gawd....spot on..

Tammy Sue is already prepping herself for ReHo old rotten orange departure...she can always work production for any Bravo reality upcoming series...

like her pot holders on her oven handle read...”Pot stirrer”

So clever..she is...Cut Fitness..Of course I get the obvious reference… But a lot of people “cut the cheese” or “pass gas” while working out....okay..I get that reference also.... and that’s why I don’t go to the gym....she’s so crass

I know you are but so am I !

beat you Tammy Sue!

elemental...all of it..why do I watch??!! 

J/K...I’m high on meds...had procedure 😆

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On 9/17/2019 at 9:12 PM, ghoulina said:

Kelly can't live on her divorce settlement forever, so her solution is to hawk some gimmicky water in an oversaturated market? "It's non-dairy". Is water usually dairy based???

To be fair to Kelly, she had just said that the water had various vitamins and some sort of dose of calcium in it and then followed that up with saying that it's non-dairy.  I think the calcium is why she was stressing the non-dairy part, but when I first heard it I was like WTF? so I backed it up because why wouldn't water be dairy free?  I am horribly old-fashioned, though, and prefer just plain water.  No bubbles, no flavor, just water.

On 9/18/2019 at 11:56 AM, MajorNelson said:

On going to the spiritual/aura resort....

Well, maybe Shannon would want it, but there's no way you can drag the whole RHOC gang to such a place.  It's like taking a bunch of monkeys to the MET.

Dragging Kelly in, also not a good idea.  She didn't want to go since Ickie would be there and was acting out from the get go.  That said, her intentions for Target and Walmart I didn't mind, even if it peeved others.

That exercise of tearing apart a flower and putting pieces in a bowl for the things you want to let go of and then any intentions...I think is asking way to much of most people, including this bunch.  I think people are attached in their unconscious to certain views of themselves, and it is almost impossible to state consciously what the things are.  Example, Shannon wants to let go of bitterness and resentment, which she said at this event.   But, as I've said before, I think she is attached in her unconscious to being worthless.  So bitterness and resentment are actually a couple of her defense mechanisms (keeps her from consciously being aware of her unconscious attachment), so she surely cannot let go of them (without dealing with the underlying).

I'm not really sure why Shannon gets to judge anyone else's intentions, or what they decide they want to let go of.  I do think Kelly's behavior was atrocious with the gong and hitting her while she wore the bowl, but if each person is supposed to decide what they want to let go of and then what they want to bring in, then each person gets to decide that.  Shannon spent all of last season pimping her meals, we've heard all of her relationship woes, but somehow she has an issue with someone else positioning their thing? Nope, sorry.  They don't have to adjust their feelings to align with hers. 

On 9/19/2019 at 10:15 PM, Juneau Gal said:

Shannon made absolutely no, and I mean no, reaction when Kelly popped her on the head. I watched closely, having read this board before watching the episode. She made absolutely no reaction. One would expect if she felt any discomfort her mouth would have twitched or her shoulders would have raised......something. She did mention after that one tap was harder than the others, but she didn’t even identify it as a strike on the top of her head. It was all blown out of any semblance of reality when the coven shrieked that Kelly bopped her on top the head. 

Ugg, these women. I have such second hand embarrassment for all of them. 

Not only did she not have a reaction, she knew something weird had happened because the guy said "That was so not cool" when Kelly did it.  So then Shannon was all "oh, one tap was harder" and that's when she found out that it was Kelly.  Suddenly she was in pain and her vision was blurry, yet there wasn't any sort of reaction or ouch when it happened.  We watched her amp herself up into having the headache, then Tamra take her over the top. 

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On 9/21/2019 at 5:23 PM, walnutqueen said:

You couldn't pay me to go to a resort like that.  I'd rather be hit on the head with a mallet.  There's no way I could refrain from massive eye-rolling and hysterical laughter.

They went there for zen and relaxation and all came out like insane maniacs.

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On 9/23/2019 at 3:28 PM, Shellbell59 said:

Tammy Sue is already prepping herself for ReHo old rotten orange departure...she can always work production for any Bravo reality upcoming series...

like her pot holders on her oven handle read...”Pot stirrer”

Don't forget the huge "decorative" sign she had over the entryway to her kichen (in her last house)  that read "KITCHEN". So tacky.

She probably has decorative signs above her bathrooms that read "Pee, Poop, Love".

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Kelly is a truly messed up human being - everything is a joke to her, even assaulting someone.

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On 9/21/2019 at 4:22 PM, Natalie68 said:

She actually called upon the Lord to guide her.  No specific mention of Jesus....

Jesus and The Lord are one and the same. 

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OMG, so I just watched this.  I know that I am in the minority, but I like Kelly.  Sure she is crass, sometimes physically abusive and more than a little crazy, but crap, if I had to deal with these bitches, I would be too.

I used to really like Shannon.  Now, I am struggling with her.  I just can't handle all of the Tamra and Vicki love.  She would have been better off staying friends with Kelly who would probably cut a bitch for talking shit about her bestie. 

I like Emily too.  I didn't watch last season and just started watching this season but I do like her and think that she needs to ditch that albatross around her neck and find someone who appreciates and loves her.

I hate Gina, Tamra and Vicki.  Neutral on Brown whatever but starting to lean to being annoyed by her.

And I hate to say it, but I would have been the person to LIGHTLY tap someone on the head if they were wearing the bowl.  Especially if I knew that person was a hypochondriac like Shannon. I know.  I am an asshole.  I would not hit them hard enough to hurt them though.

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