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S01.E06: Episode 6

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OF COURSE Freddie thought he could keep his girlfriend a secret while fucking Aine. He's a real prize, that one.

I'm glad that Aine is making a concerted effort and going back to her therapist. I don't know how much of that is because she truly wants to live and get better and how much of that is not wanting to hurt Shona.

Why was Shona so surprised by Vish proposing? In a previous episode, Aine called and specifically told her that Vish was going to propose. That should have been a pretty big clue that, you know, HE WAS PLANNING TO PROPOSE.

I was not at all surprised that Charlotte kissed Shona. I was getting those "I like you as way more than a friend" vibes from pretty early on. I wonder if Shona is going to tell Vish and use this as an excuse to run away from him. I think that she likes Vish enough but that she has not wanted to fully commit.

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Loved the therapy scenes. The therapist joke was also quality. I hope we get a second season because while I really enjoyed this first season, there are so many unanswered questions and stories to be fleshed out.

Naturally I loved Richard trying to suss out if Aine would consider him, based on his age. I like that he's doing better at chirping her back.

I think Shona freaked out extra hard at Vish's proposal because of what she feels with Charlotte. I mean, she was fairly clear about not being keen on marriage also, so wtf Vish, but she and Charlotte clearly had a vibe. Well, apparently more than a vibe.

Fucking Freddie, what a twat.

I loved the fight over the waffles, it just shows how much they love each other.

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I get that it isn't easy for Shona to deal with Aine but I didn't like how she put all the blame on Aine in that argument. No, she shouldn't have told Charlotte. There are other people to talk to. Like Vish. Or therapists. And she could have at least acknowledged that Charlotte shouldn't have told Freddie but she didn't want to say anything bad about her new best friend and instead tried to make Aine feel worse for seeing her ex. 


OF COURSE Freddie thought he could keep his girlfriend a secret while fucking Aine. He's a real prize, that one.

Maybe it's residual goodwill from You're the Worst, but I actually don't hate Freddie. Or, at least, I don't see him as a malicious villain in this show. He just seems kind of selfish and immature. He's certainly not emotionally equipped to deal with Aine's depression. It's even worse than Jimmy was with Gretchen. He's not even as id driven as Jimmy. He's just kind of... unthinking. He takes what's on offer and doesn't think deeper about it because then he might have to think about feelings and consequences. 

As much as I would enjoy more lesbian/bisexual representation, I don't think Charlotte is a good person. I dislike her much more than Freddie. She told Freddie all of Aine's secrets that Shona told her in confidence even though she claims to have similar mental health struggles and knows that things ended badly with Freddie. She kissed Shona even though she now knows that she's not just in longterm relationship but engaged to Vish. I find her so sus right now.

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