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S01.E01: Genesis 1

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3 hours ago, HazelEyes4325 said:

What I did have a problem with was that I'm not sure how all those 4 kids could be hers.  I mean, unless there is a set of twins, or maybe even triplets, in there, I'm not sure how--mathematically--she could have given birth to them all.  The youngest one is definitely younger, but the other three all seem about the same age, or close enough that even being Irish Twins would be hard to believe.

Because I was just reading a snippet of his wife’s book the comedian Jim Gaffigan’s kids ages are 14, 13, 10, 8, and 7 and that is not an uncommon spread in families with multiple children. Until like three years or four years ago they were also living in a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC so they would definitely be envious of her digs!

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38 minutes ago, AnimeMania said:

Checking this out, I think they might try to write the middle two as twins, although now that I know the age range of the actresses (and Jim Gaffigan's family!), I'm no longer saying it's mathematically impossible for them all to come from one mother.

My new issue is the names, all starting with L.  It is probably my addled mind, but that's going to get in the way of my knowing which on is which.  Of course, that won't be an issue if the daughters continue to always be in sort of a group, as they were in this episode.  And, if they do start giving individual story lines, I *might* be able to keep straight which name goes with each girl.

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2 hours ago, HazelEyes4325 said:

My new issue is the names, all starting with L.

I think this was utterly stupid. I won't even TRY to learn their names because of that. The smart move would have been to name the with names beginning with A - D, from oldest to youngest.

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I am not going to worry too much about the kids. Kids and Demons shouldn't mix, so the less they show the kids the happier I will be. To me the kids are just an anchor tying the mother to the house when she should be on the road "pimp-slapping" supernatural creatures.

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I liked it but it really made me miss Gillian Anderson. 

I think George was supposed to be creepy/funny.

The scenes with him definitely reminded me of BtVS/Angel. 

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4 hours ago, BellyLaughter said:

I really liked it but was distracted by wondering why the hell they gave her FOUR kids..... or any kids for that matter.... super creepy and a really interesting premise....hope it holds up despite the weight of FOUR kids.....

My thinking is that the kids play a key role.  They otherwise make no sense in a show about the supernatural.  

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11 hours ago, Fable said:

My thinking is that the kids play a key role.  They otherwise make no sense in a show about the supernatural.  

I get this, but my concern is that there is 4 of them.  Either they are all going to merge together in some sort of one single character OR we get 4 different crisis story lines with them.  Neither of those sound good to me.  If the girls are going to play a key role, I wish they had kept it to 1-2 kids.

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On 10/2/2019 at 4:30 PM, HazelEyes4325 said:

Thank you for the info.  Also, I now realize that I will never remember which girl goes with which name...

I'm sure that if/when it is important they will be presented distinctly. For now they represent a crowd. But if it helps, the second letter of each name is in alphabetical order from youngest to oldest:





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  • 2 weeks later...

I watched the 4th episode and found the characters intriguing so went back to watch the first 3 episodes.   I really like it and find the kids to be fun.  There are 4 of us kids in my family,  first 3, all girls, I'm the middle, older sister is 2 years older,  younger sister is 2 years younger,  then my brother came along when I was 8.  We always lived in large homes with a minimum of 4 bedrooms.  Until us girls were in our teens,  we always shared a bedroom.  

I thought her "office" was like a garage.  I remember her saying something about it being cold in there.  She did have a mini fridge stocked with those small cans of margaritas,  also had some in the home fridge. 

I have only seen the pilot and the 4th episode but plan in continuing to watch. 

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On 9/27/2019 at 8:02 AM, SamBeckett said:

 Christine Laihti (who I like, like, like) must have gone to the Allison Janey School on How To Be a 21st Century TV Mother.

I had that same thought...she wears it well. :-)

And I think this is a show I'm going to DVR and watch during the day!

Many of the exteriors are shot in my neighborhood, and in fact, we have a friend who lives down the street from Kristen's house. BTW, it is located under the Hell Gate Bridge. (Nice touch!) The lot next to the house is the site of an annual "Hells Gate Haunted House" experience. The bridge itself is a symbol of Western Queens, and I have a t-shirt with a picture of it.

I thought it was well done showing that George was a product of Kristen's subconscious...maybe. And I noted some of the same details others did: why was he called George? Why was he so chatty? And it occurred to me that if Kristen believes in lucid dreaming, and gives herself clues (like the poster on the ceiling), she could ask George questions about himself, and direct his actions. (There's another plot line!)

As a pilot, it was crowded with all kinds of unanswered questions, which might be layering for future plots.

As one of four sisters (two years apart), I can totally empathize with the girls. Yes, it does look like they go to Catholic school. (They would go to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, which is a few blocks away from that house). 

And yes, there is a LOT that seems fishy about absent husband. On the surface, a guy who would leave his wife and four young kids to be a mountain guide does not seem to have the best judgment about what his family needs. I'm sure we will find out more.

And yeah, the Kings are good at casting: Michael Emerson is going to give me the heebie-jeebies, and Mike Colter might be the best looking guy on TV.

I'm in to see how the season develops!

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