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With Season 2 about to start up, we though a quick review of the forum was in order. 

We will post episode threads for each episode, which will unlock when the show airs on the east coast and will remain open.  To avoid any spoilers, will not post this until the previous episode has aired.

We will also have a season 2 live posting thread, which will unlock when the show airs on the east coast and will lock again once the show finishes on the west coast.  There will only be one thread, which will open and close each week.  Because the first episode is a sneak peek, this will begin with the second episode, when  the competition starts.

We also have the following threads:

Judging the Judges - Here is where you can discuss, rave, and/or rant about the panel of judges (and Nick Cannon)

Under the Mask: Clues and Clue Discussion - Here is where you talk about clues from the show and try to match them up to who might be under the mask.

Whispers and Rumors: Spoilers - This is for information not from the show about who is under the masks or things that might happen in future episodes.  This would include items from social media.

Wishing and Hoping: Wishlist and Anticipation - Here is where you can anticipate what is to come and share what you wish would happen.

Small Talk: Chatterings  - This is where you can have all your off-topic chit chat.

And, as always, the Primetimer rules apply.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  As we are in different time zones, it is best to include both of us on any PM's.  

Thank you!


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