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S12.E14: Unfriendly Fire

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"Hey guys, so there's only 5 people left in the competition, 3 of you are going to be up for elimination and we've already said Dani's and Jake's were the best tattoos of the bunch, but we're still going to have a jury of peers decide which one of the remaining three is going to be in the bottom with the other two because drama>math". Well I guess they just wanted to show us how Laura turned her back on Jason once more even though she really didn't need to. Who else did she think she could possibly be up against if not Pon and Jason? Dave Navarro?

Other than that, Pon's elimination was expected but also fair. Dani's tattoo was stunning. I really hope she wins 'cause she's not only the best artist but also the best person on the show. 

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In general having the winning tattoo's team send someone to the bottom is pointless filler. They either send someone the judges would have put down there anyway, or they send a "strategic" pick of a better tattoo, in which case no way the judges are going to eliminate that person. At least when the canvases picked, you got to hear what they all really thought of their tattoos, which was kind of interesting. 

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I can't believe they had the audacity to send Pon home. Just another of the countless examples of how the judging is completely rigged. 

.....lmao just kidding. That tattoo was beat. The show tried its best to make it seem like Laura and Jason might be in danger, but that was an absolute landslide. The second I saw that Jake's tattoo looked nice, I knew Pon was doomed. 

Even though I believe he's got the lowest ceiling of the remaining 4, I find myself rooting for Jake to make the finale. He reminds me a lot of Erik Siuda from season 5. Nothing fancy, just keeps to himself and does solid work. I never would have expected at the beginning of the season that he'd be final 4 so it would be nice to see him sneak into the finale. Easy guy to root for. 

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I feel Jake should have won tattoo of the day.  They said Dani got all the details right but I though she got the shape of the mouth wrong but the judges said it was perfect.

I thought the men did way better in the flash challenge but for some reason I thought the judges were going to give it to the women and I was going to swear at the tv.

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