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 Bravo, Tues 10/9c

About the Show

Following former boyfriend/girlfriend Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure who turned their breakup into a business flipping homes. The series follows Nina and Michael’s rollercoaster relationship in Carmel, Indiana, nicknamed “the Beverly Hills of the Midwest,” as they work together to buy, renovate and sell high-end properties.

Like seeing the homes in central IN - but a little of Nina goes a really long way.

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I am quite surprised that I like this show.  There's nothing in it that makes it that different or special from other flipping shows, but I still enjoy it quite a bit.  I could see how Nina could be a bit much, but I find I actually like her and she seems to know that she can be a bit over the top.

I like seeing a different area although I have to admit that I had to lookup online what city they are in since I don't remember it being said on the show (it's possible they did say it, and I just missed it).

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