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S02.E04: Four Times Ella Picked Up The Phone (And One Time She Didn't)

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Ella (Helen Highfield) finally makes the move into Tim's (Riley Neldam) apartment but is distracted by her new job. When Ella and Luke (guest star David Witts) are cast as extras on "Superstition," they end up becoming closer than either thought possible. Sasha's (Yasmine Al-Bustami) "Superstition" character becomes a fan favorite and jealous of Sasha's new-found favoritism, Kayla (guest star Marissa Cuevas) persuades Marina (guest star Gita Reddy) to make some "much needed" changes to the show

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I knew this was coming but it was still like watching a slow motion car crash. OF COURSE Luke kissed Ella and OF COURSE Tim and Ella broke up.

Tim's preemptive "let's break up before we resent each other" seemed a bit much but at least it clears the way for Ella to be with Luke without deliberately cheating on him (I don't count the kiss while filming the dance scene as calculated cheating - it's still not cool, but it's definitely not the same level as making plans to meet at a hotel room).

Part of me likes that Sasha is an obliviously overeager puppy because it's sweet that she hasn't become jaded by the industry yet. But the other part of me is like WAKE UP AND SMELL THE JEALOUSY! No matter how much Kayla likes making out with you, she is not going to want to share the spotlight on her show.

Loved Amber Benson's cameo as the director!

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