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S02.E03: The Orb of Truth


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Sasha (Yasmine Al-Bustami), Winnie (guest star Jazz Raycole), Tim (Riley Neldam), and the cast of Superstition venture to an escape room where Winnie finds herself starstruck by the cast of "Superstition," but soon realizes that some people are more appealing on camera. When a "Superstition" story document is leaked online, showrunner Marina (guest star Gita Reddy) takes this as an opportunity to rewrite episodes, which leads Ella (Helen Highfield) to stay at work and miss the escape room. While running an errand for Marina, Ella and Luke get locked in a warehouse, and are forced to learn more about each other

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I really thought that the writers' room meeting was going to result in Ella coming up with a great storyline that Marina loved, so it was a nice surprise that she didn't become a staff writer in the course of, like, a week.

I loved that Luke not only read her fan fic but memorizd some of it. I mean, it was mean that he quoted it to the writers' room just to say it sucked but there's something hilarious about the fact that he read it at all. Later when he said it wasn't the worst fan fic he'd ever read, I started to wonder if he is a closet fan fic writer (or just a closet fan fic reader).

I love that Ella loves the show so much and that she was excited about seeing the props. Someone I know had a relative who worked on a very popular show, andt the relative gave my acquaintance a special prop that commemorated a milestone episode (it wasn't used on the show - they had these made for the cast and crew as gifts). When I saw it, I was like OMFG!!!!! And that was for something that wasn't even used on the actual show, so I can only imagine how exciting it must have been for Ella to be in the prop room.

I liked the escape room stuff. It was interesting to see Winnie choose the fantasy of Saxon the character instead of the possibility of getting to know Nick the actor. I guess that makes her a super hardcore fan of the show because many fangirls would give anything to have the opportunity to hook up with an actor on a show they love.

My favorite part of the escape room was how everyone cheered when Tim said he wasn't going to spend another day in an office. It was fun to see how supportive they were of him making that decision. Heh, I guess all you need to do to find that kind of support is lock yourself in a room with a bunch of strangers for a few hours and get them to confess their insecurities so you can all bond!

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