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Not Just Marvel's Batman: Moon Knight in the Media

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Official casting for this series should be coming along very soon.  On one of the filming-related sites I check for other things, I happened to notice that Moon Knight appears to be lined up to go into production sometime in the near future, probably under a different working title just so it can fly under the radar.  I don't know the specific dates, but it will be sometime fairly soon.

All sorts of rumors have circulated about the names being tossed around in consideration for the lead role, including Pedro Pascal, who is, of course, currently the lead in The Mandalorian for Disney+.  Since Pedro is mostly doing voice-only work in The Mandalorian, I'm not sure if he could get away with doing Moon Knight for Disney+ too, without conflict.  Maybe? 

There is also a chance that The Mandalorian is intended to only be a limited series (no one seems to know) with a chance to segue into movies, in which case Pedro could be freed up to appear regularly in Moon Knight and just work on Mandalorian movies once in a while.

In any case, Pedro is certainly not the only name mentioned as the possible lead in Moon Knight.  So we should find out who it will be any day now, I think, because, once production begins, word will get out anyway.

Here are a couple of recent articles --



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Since Pedro Pascal's name was tossed out a while back, there have been a few more rumors of random potential actors in Moon Knight.  Pedro's name seems to have fallen out of the Moon Knight conversation, so I don't think he will be involved in it -- at least not in the lead role.

I don't know when the cast will be revealed, but the production of Moon Knight seems to have been pushed to November, in Atlanta (it was originally supposed to film in August) --


"RUMOR: Moon Knight Production Start Date and Filming Location Revealed"


Other recent articles --

"Sorry, Marvel Fans - Daniel Radcliffe Has Debunked Those Moon Knight Rumors"

"The Witcher Writer Joins Disney+'s Moon Knight Creative Team"

"Haunting of The Hill House Actor Knows Fans Want Him as Moon Knight"



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