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Life in the mid-2000's. What they're getting right, what they're getting wrong in depicting Dubya-era America.

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So I found out in a panel that they decided on making Looking for Alaska a period piece- it's set in 2005. I was kind of getting the vibe that this was meant to be set in the 90's until I saw the earpods in the trailer, so setting this in 2005 (but with influences from the mid-90's as that is Josh Schwartz/John Green's high school era) makes perfect sense.

I think the clothes aren't really right, but I think that they're purposefully going with 90's influences on the wardrobe so it doesn't really bug me as much. I'm okay with Alaska not wearing lowrider jeans and tight halter tops and a shit ton of lip gloss. Though I will cry foul if we don't see any pastel polos on the mean jock boys that feature in the story.

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