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South Side: Season One All Episode Talk

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I love this show so much (it's probably my fave new comedy of the year, though The Other Two is also up there). It's of course so, so "incorrect" (corrupt cops! One of whom


steals wigs!!

But it's so effortlessly funny -- it doesn't come across as a series of written jokes. 

This ep is probably my fave of the season, of the six that have aired. The way the characters converge, and in a sequence that may or may not be a parody of The Walking Dead? Brilliant, and side-splitting.

And Bashir "Fat Idris Elba" Salahuddin is a stone cold fox, but then again so is Chandra Russell, who's his wife in real life. Hashtag relationship goals, etc etc.

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I thought Uncle Spike, the Viagra Kingpin, was hilarious, and am sad that his arc -- and the entire plot where Simon and Kareme have to watch him think that he's the second cumoming of Stringer Bell -- only spanned a couple of eps. But then again, this show seems to have ideas, plot, and side characters to spare.

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Each episode is better than the last. The latest one features step dancing, spades, hot wings, and we learn that Officer Goodnight and his wife adopted a white kid from - was it Bosnia?

The only problem with this series is there's isn't enough time to enjoy all of the cast. The RTB employees are hilarious but we only see them for a few moments at a time.

I watch each episode twice to catch all of the hilarious patter. The last time I did this was for HBO's late lamented Getting On.

I pray that we get another season.

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Uncle Spike is back! Just in time to be displaced by Bluto as the best supporting character.

"It should be looking like ankle foreskin down there."

"I'm scared of racoons. They've got thumbs."

So it's not a hot wings tournament. But it is a stepping tournament, which no one told me about.

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Zenobia actually did something genuinely kind and 100% decent! Good for her. Her doofus partner was cute with the baby.

Everything about the song recording was unbearable in the funniest possible way. The dinner order struck me as funniest for some reason. All the updates and corrections about white foods, grape leaves without grapes, etc... these people deserve awards for the perfection of the earnest affect in the mundane moments.

So glad they've gotten a second season, but so sad that there were so few in this first one.

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I just discovered this show on HBO. It's amazingly funny, without making the characters act like stereotypes.

I also love seeing the two men graduating from community college.

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More raw, people talking street but funny as hell.

There was that mother trying to get her son to play basketball and her younger son came to tell her about his school science project and she told him unless he had an equation for making his brother shoot like Steph Curry, get on outta here with that science bull----.

Then that grandmother mocking Zinobia's name as they started their rental dispute.



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