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Season 36 Final Jeopardy Contest

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On 11/12/2019 at 6:41 PM, GrannySmith said:

I knew it was Jungle Book. 

Because you have been a good player and faithful contest contestant, your score is now 3.

You're welcome.

On 11/12/2019 at 7:44 PM, Prevailing Wind said:

Must be Bosco's influence. He was sitting on me, purring, at the time. He IS my house panther.

Awwww, Bosco. Big kitty hugs and kisses from Saber to Bosco.

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2 hours ago, 3 is enough said:

James spoiled tonight’s episode on Twitter.  Damn it.

Where? All I saw were the promotional shots and an article by/about Jay Sexton, the third member of the James and Emma game.

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@suebee12,  I have the flu and evidently I am more out of it than I thought.  I misread the tweet.  He did not spoil it at all.  He merely stated  not to underestimate Francois, who has never lost a game. 

I specifically stayed away because I did not want to be spoiled. And I remain unspoiled.

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8 minutes ago, 3 is enough said:

I specifically stayed away because I did not want to be spoiled. And I remain unspoiled.

I had the flu last weekend(actually through Monday) so I hope you are feeling much, much better! Sure not fun to be sick.

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17 hours ago, Browncoat said:

A perfect week for me -- 0/5!

Me too!

Week 10 (ToC Week 2) 0/5

YTD: 26/50, 4*

So I'm still above 50% for the season, but that could easily change to under 50%. 😢

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WEEK 10 — ONE asterisk - ToC week 2 *
46. Famous Phrases. In the title of a groundbreaking 1890 exposé of poverty in New York City slums, these 3 words follow “How the.”
* 47. U.S. Demographics. In 2018 Forbes said this “Belt’s Demographic Delight” is this other “Belt’s Demograpic Dilemma.”  *
48. Italian Inventors. In a 1644 letter he wrote, “We live submerged at the bottom of an ocean of air”, which is what his invention measures.
49. Old Testament Books. By Hebrew word count, the longest book bears this name that led to a word for a long complaint or rant.
50. International Disputes. A dispute over Etorofu, Habomai, Kunashiri & Shikotan has kept these 2 countries from ever signing a WWII peace treaty.

Posting the questions reminds me I said "Rich get richer" for Monday's answer. Hoo-woo me. Save me a chair at the 0 table.

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WEEK 11 (Week of Nov. 18) — ONE asterisk *
51. U.S. Cities. Celebrating electricity & tech., an exposition in this U.S. “City of Light” in 1901 was overshadowed by another major event.
52. Business & Industry. Peaking at 9,000 locations in 2004, this chain of stores was down to one in 2019, located in Bend, Oregon.
53. Movie & Book Titles. This title of a 1962 novel & 1975 film refers to the direction the last of 3 geese took in an old nursery rhyme.
* 54. American History. One a Civil War hero & one a U.S. Senator, bros. with this last name were both considered for the 1884 Republican pres. nomination.  *
55. Home & Garden. In 1847 eccentric horticulturalist Sir Charles Isham popularized these when he imported terra cotta ones from Nuremburg.

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7 minutes ago, helpmerhonda said:

My performance has been...underwhelming.

I feel your pain. I'm close to saying "Don't have a clue" before I even see the clue. I swear, my brain cells aren't dying, they are all dead and gone. Hoping for some FJs about dogs, horses and farming.

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