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Season 36 Final Jeopardy Contest

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WEEK 15 • Dec. 16 — NO asterisk
66. TV Theme Music. A short piece for 2 guitars called “Strange No. 3” was the first part of the theme music for this drama series that debuted in 1959.
67. Milestones In U.S. History. Congress declared September 6, 2008 Louisa Swain Day because Louisa did this in Wyoming on that date in 1870.
68. Plants & Trees. One of Britain’s few native evergreen trees, it’s prized for bringing color to winter, & its foliage is often hung in homes.
69. Science & Innovation. In her 20+ years working for this company, Audrey Sherman of Saint Paul has been granted more than 130 patents.
70. Classic Fiction. A 1902 work says of a riverboat journey, “We penetrated deeper and deeper into” this, the work’s title.

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WEEK 16 • Dec. 23 — ONE asterisk *
71. British Authors. In 2016 the OED celebrated his 100th birthday by adding words connected to his writings, including scrumdiddlyumptious.
* 72. Historic American Cities. Damage from Hurricane Matthew in this city in 2016 revealed a plot of colonist graves from perhaps as long as 430 years ago.  *
73. Organizations. Founded by students at W&M in 1776, its members include 17 U.S. Presidents, 41 Supreme Court Justices & more than 140 Nobel laureates.
74. 19th Century History. Wanting more French influence in the area he called Latin America, Napoleon III installed an emperor in this country.
75. Art Firsts. The first French museum to buy this type of painting was the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, in 1901.

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