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Beyond the Pole

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C'mon, where is everyone? This is just wonderful. The dancers are compelling and the inspirational ex-dancer who's supposed to life-coach them off the pole is, well, it's TLC, so in the tradition of Love After Lock-Up & Unexpected, you can imagine the wonder that is Stormy Wellington; I won't spoil it for you cos she's a revelation each time she's on screen.

Bonus appearance in episode 1 by Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Joc in which he treats strippers with respect and dignity -- hah! Kidding, of course! He treats them like livestock. Another of Carly Red's exes shows up in Episode 3, pretending to be a humanitarian when he's really just setting up a side piece thanks to the show's pimping.

So, yeah, it's depressing, but a lot of it feels real so you root for the dancers (poor Laina) and Stormy is scary-crazy so that's hilarious as long as she doesn't know where you live.

Don't make me watch this alone! Just watch episode 1 until the first commercial break & see if you aren't hooked -- I was, completely. 

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Just binge watched!  I feel like Stormy crushed on L'Brie who reminds me of Porsha Williams!


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