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Spoilers for BH90210

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So, in the Media thread, there was this fascinating tidbit, which was called a huge spoiler, out of an interview with Christine Elise:


They asked what I wanted to do. I didn't think that question would be asked. So I had to come up with what I want [my character] to do. Jason [Priestley] and I were a couple in real-life for five years, back in the day. Jason and I are still really close; he's one of my best friends. I do all my holidays with him and his family. And when I thought they would tie my story to Jason, I wasn't interested. The one rule I had for this was not having a romantic thing with Jason, because it's creepy and gross — he's like my brother! It'd be like kissing my dad. I also didn't want the storyline to be that limiting; to be relegated to girlfriend. Or even worse, being in competition with his wife. I didn't want any of that toxic girl-on-girl drama that dominates so much television. 

So at the end of the lunch, I came up with the idea that I have a vendetta against the whole cast, over slights real and perceived, and I really want to take them down. 

So, she's the villain?
Yes, yes. 

So, I'm wondering if this is a genuine spoiler - "Christine" has made no secret on the show that she despises the cast, insults them accurately to their faces at every opportunity. Maybe the only revelation left is her telling them personally why she despises them, how they were dicks to her in the past in their self-absorption and haven't really changed since.

Or is she really THE villain? The doll-chopping villain, wanting to 'take them down'? Is all the insulting just a prelude to the REAL revenge? Seems odd for a number of reasons. One, she'd be carelessly giving away the central 'mystery' of the plot. Also, her character is an executive, and sabotaging the 90210 production (whose success she has a stake in) would be cutting herself off at the knees. Another question - is her flirtation with "Gabrielle" just part of her revenge - toying with her as a preface to some especially harsh blow? That seems creepily cruel and personal, and it also plays into old negative LGBT stereotypes the production should probably avoid. 

Will Emily Valentine burn down the parade float? What do youse think?

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