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S02.E07: Where You Go, People Die

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COMING TOGETHER – Zed (guest star Reece Ritchie) waits for Talon (Jessica Green) after a mysterious disappearance.  Tobin (guest star Aaron Fontaine) faces his despised cousin while Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse) makes Tobin an offer he can’t refuse.   A surprise visitor to the Outpost interrupts a royal ceremony. Anand Desai-Barochia also stars.  The episode was written by Jason Faller & Kynan Griffin and directed by Milan Todorovic (#207). 

Original Airdate 8/22/2019 @ 8pm

It was very strange to see an episode with hardly any Talon in it.

Nitpicks include:

An arrowhead that looked like the modern commercially produced ones.

Half-assedly putting out a fire in a forest. I can see Smokey crying behind a tree. 

Zed left half of his stuff behind running after Talon.

Tobin wash your hands before eating your french bread pizza.

I liked that the cure of plaguelings left absolutely no ill effects. If they can cure all the plaguelings, they might have themselves a sizeable army.

I liked the Munt finished his kidnapping of Naya even though she agreed to come with him.

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