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Pushing Daisies Mafia

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14 hours ago, egavasc said:

This is only an inkling of an idea, but would any one be interested in a Pushing Daisies round? 

OMG I looooooove Pushing Daisies! Ahhh! I'd be all over this. Emerson Cod is life.


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7 hours ago, SilverStormm said:

In my experience I enjoy and prefer to play rounds where I know the show and characters etc, so I'll be sitting this one out.

Do not like.

6 minutes ago, SilverStormm said:

I have been harassed, by a certain party who shall remain nameless, into joining...but I probs will have ZERO clue about what's going on and therefore, be not much use!

  1. Drogo
  2. TCS
  3. saoirse
  4. Lisin
  5. MMCS
  6. TJ
  7. Silver


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Hey all. So some personal stuff came up that I'm dealing with. This game will still happen but I'm probably not going to be ready to start for about a week. Sorry for the delay!

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Okay, so this is the perfect amount of people signed up (and no one has posted since Saturday) so I'm going to call this closed. The goal is to have PMs out on Friday and to start the game sometime this weekend. Everything is terrible right now and I'm using this game as a distraction so I apologise in advance for any disruptions but I will try to keep everything running smoothly.

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Okay, so it's actually going to be tomorrow afternoon. Garbageness reached peak terrible today and it should all be getting better from here. But the show will be getting on the road soon. 

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27 minutes ago, egavasc said:

 Garbageness reached peak terrible today and it should all be getting better from here. 

Were you at my mother's house, too?  

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