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S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

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On 8/19/2019 at 7:07 PM, JenE4 said:

Oh, no. Someone woke up Harrison! You boys are in trouble! Harrison is sending them back to their rooms, per Blake. This is why you can’t have nice things.

Seriously laughed out loud!  I was thinking the same thing!  

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The thing that struck me about the fight was the other Paradisers reactions. This wasn't something they are used to in their carefully cultivated bubble of happy superficiality. They had no idea of how to react.

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9 hours ago, JudyObscure said:

For me kissing is like eating, I enjoy it  myself, but I don't like to be right down someone else's throat watching it happen. Some of the new food commercials turn me right off the product with that.

Exactly. The smacking sound of kissing is something I apparently don’t notice when I’m participating, but it irks me on TV.

And given that this is an edited TV show, they can certainly modulate length and volume, but rarely seem to do so.

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If Demi was so ‘confused’ she should have gone home to figure it out -  don’t bring your girlfriend here. It wouldn’t be allowed if it was someone dating the opposite gender for either side of the house - this is ham handed indeed and for Pete’s sake stop the exploitation for ratings. I clicked it off.    

No thanks.    Not what I’m here for ....I’m out and so was my daughter   Perhaps they’re trying to pull in male viewers?  Shrug 

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