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S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

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4 hours ago, JudyObscure said:

Tyler's doing fine. My example of indiscrete public exposure would be saying, "I spent the night with (name of woman) and we had sex --four times."

In a windmill.  On a miniature golf course.  In Anaheim.  At 2:00 in the afternoon. Last Tuesday. 

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4 hours ago, JudyObscure said:

Tyler's doing fine. My example of indiscrete public exposure would be saying, "I spent the night with (name of woman) and we had sex --four times."

Exactly. I’m so over all the women’s actions being downplayed and the men’s picked apart. 

So these people think Hannah B was hilarious and delightful with bragging about getting it on four times right in front of Peter’s parents, but Tyler is wrong for not hiding that he’s dating Gigi months after he was dumped by someone who openly dated other people the entire time? 

And remember how Demi and Hannah got on to the guy who had been seeing someone and Hannah harshly dumped him night one? Now Demi is praised for being brave coming out as bisexual, not shamed for having someone back home, and then making Derek see her and her girlfriend together? 

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Yes, I heard some talk about Hannah jumping in and saying something that alluded to him not handling it just right (Tyler) as well, and I was thinking--you were the one that felt like Luke shouldn't judge you for sleeping with whoever, so why would random dating for a single person be an issue.  And she didn't choose him to begin with, so that gives him even more right to do what he wants.  I mean, I haven't ever heard of a lead expecting number 2 to follow some kind of courtesy act (when their number 1 doesn't work out).

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Mrs. Abasolo did a bit of obnoxious lawyering by goading Hannah into admitting her feelings were to the effect that since Hannah was the cause of Tyler's surge in instagram followers, he was being a little disrespectful by making a show in public of his dating life.

Perhaps it would be different if Tyler and Gigi were making a huge spectacle of themselves with lots of PDA on some red carpet somewhere, but in actuality, the kids were just caught by a couple of paparazzi during a little trip up at Lake George. 

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Maybe Chris Harrison will lend Tyler the Happy Couple's getaway until Hannah finds a man of her own.
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On 8/21/2019 at 1:35 PM, RealReality said:

I understand why it's last on the list but i love me some paradise hotel so thanks for giving it an honorable mention. 

Paradise hotel was glorious. Rat face Charla and stinky breath Dave. Didn’t she keep all the money?

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5 hours ago, Fake Britt said:

Mrs. Abasolo did a bit of obnoxious lawyering by goading Hannah into admitting her feelings were to the effect that since Hannah was the cause of Tyler's surge in instagram followers, he was being a little disrespectful by making a show in public of his dating life.

I don't think it is exactly his choice to be public but he is dating a super rich, supermodel with a huge following. Of course it's going to be public. Or is he supposed to disrespect Gigi by telling her he can only see her in private and doesn't want to be seen with her in public? Or is he supposed to pick who he dates based on whether or not the paps follower her? Because I think most of the media coverage has more to do with Gigi dating him than him dating her. Outside of Bachelor Nation she is the bigger name. But it doesn't surprise me that Hannah would fall into the trap of saying something like that. She seems to be easily led and incredibly gullible. 

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It's been a near-futile exercise in trying to catch up on this season.  I think I'm on the right topic/episode thread but...even if I'm not......


The gang apparently didn’t watch Kristina filming her into package spilling the tea. She’s obviously 100% here to stir shit up. This is how you get an invite back, people! You need to do production’s biding.

-The quote engine won't let me copy and paste attribution so apologies for that.  Kristina said in passing that she was living in LA.  Her social media would tend to confirm this and the singleton-dental-hygienist-living-in-Louisville persona has obviously been jettisoned.  It wouldn't surprise me if ABC/producers kept her on a retainer.

-Reality TV in general is getting rumbled (exposed) on a frequent basis these days and the tattletales are, curiously, the cast members themselves.  They reveal frequent cynical manipulation by producers.  Example:  Love Islander A tells Islander B something and swears them to secrecy.  Islander B appears to sprint downstairs to spill the beans two minutes later.  Islander B takes an absolute shredding online but doesn't know about it until the show ends.  At that point Islander B, trying to save face or simply set the record straight, reveals the producer involvement.

-Most audiences long ago cottoned on to the unreality of reality TV and many watch it in a kind of suspended-disbelief state of mind as many others watch scripted pro wrestling.  However, Fleiss/Harrison & associates may have pushed it too far with the Kristina/Blake rose:  it revealed that the core 'game' is rigged (the RC) and it revealed Kristina and/or Blake as plants, provocateurs, etc.

-As others have noted, the fight revealed a huge, intrusive, distracting number of crew members everywhere and anywhere on the beach.  One bloke was wearing a lifeguard outfit.  Elf-n-safety and all that but those 'spontaneous' forays into the surf, especially at night, become much less spontaneous when someone's monitoring you from the beach.  What must his work hours be like?

-The teaser clips of The Big Fight were very brief indeed and for the usual reason:  to encourage watching the next episode.  But due to the lighting and the angle I thought there might be a chance that it was Clay mixing it up with Christian and although Jordan gave a good account of himself with his impressive hip toss Clay would have broken the punk in half.  Shame we didn't get to see that.  Christian fell out of - or possibly into - character quickly.  The hold-me-back guys are always good for a laugh.  They know full well security and onlookers won't let them resume the fight so they rant and rave and threaten safe in the knowledge.  Like many his type, Christian was revealed to be thin-skinned, insecure, quick to anger, etc.

-Speaking of Blake, either women's tastes have changed drastically or poor eyesight is an epidemic.  I'm sure his hair - or whatever is posing as hair - has been a frequent topic of discussion especially as it struggles mightily to cope with the heat and humidity.  For a group of young people obsessed with appearance (others and their own) it beggars belief that it hasn't been a topic of discussion and/or a turn-off for them.  Although in keeping with the note above, if Blake is a producer's pet then they will no doubt be cutting any footage of the girls discussing his, er, addendum.  The eye can't help but be drawn to that stark white line running ear to ear on the back of his head.  You will note that he has not gone under the surface of the water once.

-Speaking of Blake again, only a vampire could be exposed to that much tropical sunshine - or even infrared rays on cloudy days - and maintain his fish-belly white skin tone.

-Ironic distance aside, I am on record (as a politician might say) as being Pro Jen, Team Jen, Jen Fan Club Member and All About Jen.  I am on record as having called her Official Wife Material because I believe she is, or at least was.  But one must adopt - or at least comprehend - the Gestalt Theory of Jen Saviano.  Gestalt as in 'whole package.'  It isn't just the looks as in features.  It's the body language, the movement, the poses (eg on the boat).  Jen is quick to smile but doesn't cheese or giggle.  When conversing she will drop the chin and tilt the head and bat the eyelids.  Is this learned or innate behavior as the psychology texts ask?  Whatever it is, it works.  She's got the Goldilocks physique - not too little not too much.  Doesn't look pumped up/cut from gym work, doesn't look like she's starving to fit a particular dress size.  And thanks to genetics she APPEARS to be avoiding the temptation to alter her features.  But then, why would she?

It's fair to ask, however:  if it works why isn't it working in the wider world?  Good question...not sure I can answer.  Jen is doing a Kristina - or perhaps Kristina's doing a Jen - in the bizarre fishbowl known as Instagram influencing.  Jen has been to all four corners of the globe over the last year or so with, as a judge might say, no visible means of support.  Endorsements?  Quid pro quo?  Hard to tell.  But our Jen is pictured in many posh locales and establishments.  EDIT:  she has a concierge-type web site involving travel planning for visitors to Nashville.

Jen would seem to be Bachelorette Candidate A-1 but possibly seems a bit too savvy compared to the often-desperate airheads that have been recent Bachelorettes.

-I'm considering putting a loop together of Demi creasing her nose & forehead, shedding a tear and covering her face with one hand.  The loop might last 5 min or more but if all the shots are identical (but of different origin) how could we tell? ;)

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