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Hate Speech And Insensitive Language Policy

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Hate Speech is unacceptable in the Primetimer forums and will result in an instant ban.

For the purposes of Primetimer, Hate Speech is defined as: A statement that carries no meaning other than an expression of hatred, which is intended to demean and brutalize another by the use of cruel and derogatory language on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability etc. Typical hate speech involves slurs and statements that promote malicious stereotypes.

Sometimes, where intent is not clearly malicious, but where language used is insensitive, we believe it is more productive to educate (rather than eradicate), by encouraging a civil dialogue around the language used.

This policy is purposely broad to ensure all communities enjoy the same level of protections. At a fundamental level, we expect everyone to be respected equally.

Useful Links:

It is very important to both @SilverStormm, Community Manager, and @Jed Rosenzweig, Site Owner, that all members and visitors feel welcome and heard, in particular with regard to this issue. If you have a concern about a particular instance where you believe reported hate speech or insensitive language wasn't dealt with appropriately, please bring it to our attention by emailing either:  

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In addition, given the current circumstances around the global pandemic, please see below for our policy on terminology.


The virus itself should only be named as Coronavirus or Covid-19 or variations thereof, i.e. C19, CV etc. 

The following moderation measures are now in effect:

  • Posts that use other terminology in an inflammatory fashion will be removed and moderation measures applied to the member.
  • Where other terminology is used without malice, the post will be removed and the member sent a PM to advise them of the rules and given an opportunity to edit their post.
  • Discussion of Wuhan as the place of origin in a reasonable and non-inflammatory manner, is permitted.

Thank you in advance for your consideration during this difficult time. Stay safe all!

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