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S16.E01: 16 New Houseguests Are Introduced & HoH Comp #1

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I have to ask this of the "I have no idea who she is" people.


When you were in your teens, if an artist was on a hit TV program and then had the #1 album in the country and your parents didn't know who the heck they were, would that have shocked you?  


No judgement here though.  All of us have gone through this on either the kid end or the adult end, or both, I'm sure.  I spoke about Lorde before, for example, and it took a few "are you serious" looks from people before I first figured out who she was or why anyone cared.  


The thing about Ariana Grande is that she made the jump to being eponymous on regular radio and regular TV and not just the "Kids channels".  It's the leap Miley made at one point too (and before it many people might vaguely have had some idea she worked on some annoying Disney show and every kid loved her but never would have heard or seen her otherwise).  But that leap JUST happened for Grande this past year and change.  The paint isn't even dry on it yet.



Yes, because my parent were more progressive than most. As far as my son goes...I'm shocked he knew since he doesn't listen to the radio, or modern music, at all. I know who most Disney, etc., because I have two tween neices who are up on the lastest craze, so I know about bands and people I'd never know about otherwise. My older neice insists I listen with her when she wants to play "One Direction" for instance, or the latest craze on YouTube, 'What Does The Fox Say", as an example...I need to point out, that I'm an old school Punk Rock/ Heavy Metal girl.


My Mom, at 71, still knows all the latest pop, and more than I do.  She's never heard of her either.

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I'm a country/NPR/CBC listener so am not very up on my pop music. I teach school aged child care and I like to think that I'm up on what hip with the young people but I missed the train on the Ariana Grande thing. Never even heard of the show she was on. I'll be in the corner making Rainbow Loom Pokemons. 

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