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S09.E11: Secrets of the Past

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With less than three weeks until decision day, Dr. Viviana has the four couples examine their past to help them see if they have a future; visits to childhood homes bring up old memories that may have been best left behind.

Airs 8/21/19

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Wow - Matt just admitted he needs to get away from Amber & basically doesn't like her.

Shocked there Matt - but only that he was so out with it.  I guess at least he's being honest.

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1 hour ago, Mercolleen said:

Ugh Matt is such a doofus asshole.

It's been clear to everyone (even Amber, when she's being honest with herself) that he isn't into her and doesn't find her attractive. Yet last week he insisted to Pastor Cal that he was 100% committed, and continued to use Amber for sex at his convenience.

He tells her sweet things on their one-month anniversary, refuses to leave the marriage, and then blames her for being affectionate and holding out hope.

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Besides Jamie O’s hair growing another three inches since last week, I think her line of questioning is too deep.  She’s very nervy.  Plus, why is Iris chirping in  when Matt isanswering a question?  Who is she to give advice?  Look to your own backyard Missy.  You can’t even straighten out your own ridiculous issues.

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Just now, Suzy Rhapsody said:

Boy, nothing classier than having a screaming match with your wife at a NASCAR track (no offense to any NASCAR fans).

Ya know, I'm not having fun anymore. This is the couple I would never want to double date with.

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What was the point of this activity? It wasn't for couples. Was it to attract a demographic that doesn't usually watch the show? 

Why didn't Elizabeth drive? Why couldn't Keith and Iris be there?


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Deonna doesn’t deserve Greg.  He’s a lovely guy and she is absolutely not ready for a real man.  She needs to pack it away for another 10 years and figure it out so that Greg can move on and find a woman who is worthy of him.

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3 minutes ago, TMI said:

none of these matches were made in heaven...the powers that be -who made them should just use a paper bag filled with names!!

 ...as evidenced by the last 20 minutes.

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Ugh, this show is getting way too meta.  What’s with all of the analysis and navel-gazing?  Let’s see them engaged in activities and actually getting to know each other (and, in Elizabeth’s case, ball-busting and screaming).

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Big Red is too...something for Jamie. Loud? Brash? I don't know. But she's a piece of work, for good or ill, just not for him. 

Funny that we were shown two vignettes of husbands over-talking their wives, with the wives' reactions as fire and ice.

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