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Shows like this one or You Gotta Eat Here or the waterparks show...I sometimes have them on just to have a moving picture on the screen (without the human carnage of stuff like Forensic Files or Mayday).  Often I don't even have the volume on.  Ideally, I don't want the show to grab my attention enough that I end up focused on it for 20 minutes.  Carnival Eats unfortunately often does grab my attention...because it's just so frikkin disgusting!  The host is pretty creepy for one thing.  He's got a job to do which revolves around being enthusiastic about the globs of crap he's shoving in his hole but even so, he's really just not a very appealing guy.  But the biggest issue is the food and the sexualized nature of the way they display it.  The close up slo-mo shots of stuff being sliced and pulled apart and having goop drooled upon it and what not and then the nearly orgasmic response of the dude once a mouthful has been slid in his gullet...just gross.  Mountains of sugar and dough and corndogs dipped in peanut butter and what-not...gag.  One ep I caught this morning had a nice long slo-motion shot of a piece of pastry being pulled apart.  It was totally non-dramatic!  Just a thin piece of dough being pulled in two...I mean at least if you pull a couple slices of pizza apart there's some cheese stringsstretching between them, lol.  Then we're treated to another slow motion shot where one of the little pieces of dough gets about 2 table spoons of syrup drizzled on it.  Again, GAG!  

lol...probably not needing a thread for this but I was inspired.  😄

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