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Undercover Billionaire

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Billionaire Glenn Stearns goes undercover in Erie, Pa., to see if he can make a million-dollar company in just 90 days.

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I guess whether this show succeeds is if you find Glen a believable guy or not.  So far, ok.

But one thing that bugged me is when he got the job cleaning someone's home.  He said he hasn't picked up a mop in years, and boy, did it show.  He didn't even move the rugs while washing the floor.

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So far I'm liking this show (still pretty new) but I've noticed some editing/continuity things like Glenn's hair being clean and styled with product in some scenes but then looking more like he just woke up in others sequentially, which makes it seem not totally credible (but what reality show really is, I guess). Excited to see more. Very interesting idea so far. 

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