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The Addams Family (2019)

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The Addams Family movies with real people were charming and spoiled me.  I don't feel anything for cartoons.  That trailer might have more positive effects on someone who never saw either the New Yorker Cartoons or the first two movies or the TV show. 

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Regardless whether it’s a movie with real people, a cartoon movie, or the TV show, Thing is much more interesting if it’s just a hand coming out of a box.  It makes you wonder what is on the other side of that hand.  A disembodied hand running around on its own is not nearly as creepy to me.

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I haven't seen one minute of the old shows/movies...

cartoon was cute, if a little to straight forward in the message. But I guess it's for kids. I just like my cartoons to have few layers for different age groups.

What I did like was that the idea of "not like us" was viewed and addressed from both points. There was initial judgement and later resolution from both sides of the fence, if you will...

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