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S06.E01: Week 1, Part 1

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8 hours ago, RealHousewife said:



Well said. And while I’m someone who finds this topic interesting and appreciates if the opposite sex finds me attractive, I would never jeopardize my health or alter my body in a way that didn’t fit my personal aesthetics to make a man happy. I know what weight I feel good at, and that’s what I go with. I’m sure it’s lower than some men would like and then higher than say people in the high fashion world would prefer, where a size 2 can be considered hefty. 

I honestly could not believe my ears last nite, on inside edition they ere discussing the bravery of some tv star being a size 6-8 and not starving herself down to a zero--even with todays sizing stupidity, size 6 is pretty small!!

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