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Season 6 Gotham; Genisis of the Dark Knight

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So what would you like to see?

1. The Batmobile, we've had it in prototype form, lets see it tear up the town and emerge roaring from the Batcave.

2. Silver comes back posing as Barbara Lee's nanny and plotting her revenge upon Penguin for killing Tabitha. Selina jumps on board with the plot leaving Barbara in a moral quandary.

3. King Tut appears as an ex-Egyptology professor turned Egyptian Nationalist after suffering a head injury in a terrorist bombing, now robbing museums and restoring their art treasures to their home countries.    

4. One of Scarecrow's experiments goes wrong and rather than inducing fear in the population instead causes them to lose it entirely, leaving the GCPD to deal with a Gotham where no one has any inhibitions. 

5. Nyssa Al Ghul returns and assembles a team of mercenary divers leading to a crazed treasure hunt for Penguin's gold laden submarine sunk at the bottom of the Gotham River (time for the Batboat?). And she still has Edward. 

6. The Bruce Wayne clone reappears as a lethal vigilante doppleganger for Batman, killing the criminals whom the real Batman captured only to have them released to kill again,  leaving the real Bruce and the GCPD with an almighty headache when the public take his side.

7.  Kite Man appears as a decorated paratrooper who served in the same war as Jim did, later convicted of a war crime he did not commit. He escapes military custody using an improvised parachute and is intent on wreaking vengeance upon the court martial board who found him guilty. 

8. Mr Banjo appears as a Woodie Guthrie style campaigner for the poor and dispossessed of the Narrows. He traps Gotham's elite in a party at the top of Wayne Tower, the fire below them gradually rising unless they give up their wealth to charity. In desperation Jim offers the imprisoned Firefly and Mr Freeze full pardons if they can use their joint abilities to save the hostages whilst Lee argues that they should just give him what they want.

9. Nyssa Al Ghul uses her father's magic to raise Sophia Falcone from her coma intent on using her to take over Gotham. But will Sophia be anyone's stooge? And how will the Penguin react?

10. A new cage fighter takes on the identity of Solomon Grundy and tries to recreate his abilities, battling the newly freed Bane who is acting as Nyssa's enforcer. But why does he seem so oddly familiar to Penguin?

11.  The rich of Gotham are driven in terror from their homes by the sight of a 'Gentleman Ghost' haunting their houses which are then burgled by a remote controlled ventriloquist's dummy. What is going on and what is the link to the newly reopened Krank's Toys?

12. The Mad Hatter's sister Alice miraculously returns from the dead and manipulates him into waging a war of vengeance against the Riddler, leaving Ed to figure out who she really is and why she's got it in for him?

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