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S10.E09: Archer 1999 — Robert De Niro

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Of course in Archer's psyche everything is measured in squash courts. And it really does explain why a spaceship had a courtroom in it and not, you know, let their holodeck turn into one.

Oh so that's how we see the other worlds: it's due to the holodeck.

I was wondering where TV's Michael Gray was from, and then I found out that he's from the Shazam/ISIS Hour. Any why is this episode titled "Robert De Niro"? He was in Awakenings. Damn, that's clever.

Loved seeing the clip show. And after 3 years...Archer finally woke up. That final scene with Malory was a gutpunch...in a good way. Jessica Walter needs a goddamn emmy for that scene.

EDIT: Loved how "Suppressing Fire"...actually suppressed fire. And "It's howmever..." has to be the line of the night, if not the season.

EDIT 2: "Robert De Niro" is also the name of the song that plays over the montage at the end.

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God damn dude.

That was one hell of an ending.  Don’t ever change show.  I don’t know if this show has any more seasons but that creepy scene between Archer and Mallory where she tells him that the love story is actually theirs was amazing in its perfect creepyiness.

Loved the trial and yeah why does a ship have a dedicated courtroom?  Also a holodeck that apparently only Archer uses.

The “Suppressing Fire” gag had a great  climax (space phrasing) with Cyril killing all of Barry-6’s pirates.  

I really enjoyed this season.

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Well, the legend is back. We'll have to wait for him to get back to peak Archer, and Adam Reed might only write one episode next season (as per this AVClub review), but I'll be there. Will the crew still be there? I'm thinking Lana more or less moved on, but I'm really hoping it's not with Cyril. Krieger would make for a better companion and substitute father figure. So would Barry. So would Other Barry.

Great to see the right notes getting played yet again. Gotta love Barry-6's enthusiasm as his horde boarded the Seamus. Cyril had some good moments (giddily playing prosecution against Archer, suppressing firing the aliens to death), but he's still the wussy waste of genetic material we always knew he was. The phrase "Kangaroo Railroad" is coined, which . . . par for the course here. And we get a nice moment of Malory having cared for her comatose son (probably not for all three years, but still) . . . and then she wrecks it with the "this has always been a love story about us" bit. Honestly, I thought it would turn out to be a dream, as Malory tried to mount her Sterling . . . because that's basically the final possible hook-up for this series.

I also liked the montage before the awakening. I don't think Burt Reynolds' passing will be worked into next season . . . which is a shame, given Archer's love for him and "The Man From Jupiter." Woodhouse would be a better fit as far as remembrances go. Oh, and what was the song being played during the montage?

ETA: One last time . . . "Space Phrasing!"

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Of course it would be Barry that finally wakes Archer up. 

I actually teared up a bit when they revealed Mallory sleeping in the hospital room waiting for Archer to wake up. Of course, that moved from sweet/sad to creepy, to LOL when Archer said "eww" 

Looking forward to Archer being back in the real world.  I doubt Lana waited around and, to be honest I hope she stays with someone else (whomever it is) because I never liked Archer/Lana.

I do like the concept of next season being about Archer/Mallory (non-sexual/romantic FFS Show)

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Good finale for what has been a weak season.  The only standout episode was the Mr. Deadly one. 

That being said, I enjoyed the montage at the end and the fact that Archer is finally out of his coma.  I enjoyed the dialogue between Mallory and the nurse.  Mallory and Archer's relationship, as always, remains super creepy.

The Archer showrunners gave a much more in-depth interview on what to expect last season with EW about two weeks ago.  Sounds intriguing.

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I am honestly curious now what everyone has been up to for three years.

Lana finds normalcy but is ultimately bored by it.

Cyril thrives without Archer messing up his life.

Cheryl ends up in a mental hospital driving everyone crazy but Pam gets  a job there as a orderly and plans to bust her out.  

Krieger  gets some job working on some evil experiment the government.  What government?  He assumes ours.  

Ray I have no idea about Ray.  

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On 7/31/2019 at 10:42 PM, Chaos Theory said:

 Also a holodeck that apparently only Archer uses.

Would you want to use a holodeck after Archer? 

This season didn't really grab me but I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes. Loved the call back to Frambroise.

Also Ray saying "I know you've all been sworn in, I've read your complaint" is from 80's judge wapner episodes of The People's Court and is a pretty deep cut reference.

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I liked that Archer's plan essentially worked. I like that when they were ISIS he and Lana were actually capable. I was unintentionally spoiled for Archer waking up because Entertainment Weekly on FB can't not bloviate spoilers about literally everything the second it comes out. 

But I wasn't spoiled for the time jump. I think it's very interesting to see how the last 3 years went. I can't imagine the agency is still around because Lana would be the only capable one left. I don't see her in a quiet domestic life either. 

I hope Pam came to visit Archer though. 

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