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S01.E08: How the Light Gets Lost

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Emotions run high during the Salvare's strange trip through a dark matter field; Sasha zeroes in on William's weakness; Erik receives devastating news.

Premiere date: July 25, 2019

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What kind of AI is 'William' supposed to be? From what I can tell, here are some of his distinctive traits:

  • You have to yell 'William!!' a few times in order for him to appear. Is he an AI or a genie in a bottle? Can you imagine the reaction if people had to yell multiple times for Suri, Alexa, Cortana or Google in this day and age?
  • He cannot be in two places at one time. (from the dance club scene: dancing with Niko, then talking with Sasha, leaving Niko dancing alone ). Sucks for anyone who needs him when he is babysitting Niko.
  • He has strong, unfamiliar emotions like loneliness and love. So there is also probably depression and paranoia. Did no one see how that worked  out with Hal in '2001: A Space Odyssey '?

Is there some reason the other crew members do not have their own personal version of William? 

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Yeah . . . let me get this straight. So the entire ship is under the control of this one holographic AI? And if he goes offline the whole ship is paralyzed? What kind of ridiculous design is that? 

And OMG that dance club scene. I mean, on the one hand I suppose I shouldn't complain too hard when they try to flesh out these characters. But they are doing such a laughable job of it. They are all such stereotypical archetypes it's like they were all spit out by a Sci Fi Stock Character generator. 

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But Sasha wasn't able to accomplish whatever it is he wanted to do so long as William remained activated, so in essence the AI controls the ship. I think he also has to relinquish control for anyone to operate it manually, both times Niko told him to give her manual control.

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