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S08.E10: No More Mamma Drama

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Airs July 30, 2019


Abby blames the mothers for the team's poor record; Abby has her two star dancers go head-to-head to show her who deserves a solo at nationals; when a local rival shows up at competition, Abby calls the police on the mother she thinks is to blame.

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Abby  do you really think that you have a real dance studio? Why don't you go to real dance competitions instead of the phoney baloney ones and see how far you will near the bottom you will place. 

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1 hour ago, Rabbittron said:

Abby  do you really think that you have a real dance studio? Why don't you go to real dance competitions instead of the phoney baloney ones and see how far you will near the bottom you will place. 

I was laughing so hard when they called dance number 118 as the final number. Ridiculous. Also- one hour to learn her solo my a**. 

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They've descended to worse than ridiculous with the mama drama.  What studio allows parents to walk in and interrupt a lesson unless it's a real emergency?  None that we ever attended.  No one throws a kid off a dance the day before a competition like that over basically a whim.  

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WTF was Michelle wearing last night?  It was like an upside-down flannel...crop-top over a grey jersey dress.  I thought it was bad when Jill wore a flannel sleeveless dress.  Both fashion crimes of the highest order.

Whoa, that Studio19 broad was something else.  I don't know anything about Uniontown, so I can't comment on that, but she was trash!

I thought it was really sweet how all the moms banded together and wanted Sarah to dance.  I am not sure Abby didn't intend to let her dance the entire time though.  Did anyone notice Michelle's husband "Larry" sitting in the audience with her?  Seems a little odd they'd take the drive to Lancaster if the kid wasn't supposed to dance.  I like the dance too.  Thought it was sassy.  I don't know what is so bad about second place, dang!

I am continuing to admire Sarah's spunk and her zest to dance.  Ten years from now, she might be pushing other dancers down the stairs a la Showgirls,  `but I think you need that attitude to make it in the creative arts, so good for her!

The solos--I like both kids (I like all these kids), but it seems like Lilly only hyper-extends on one side, while Brady can do both.  If I were the judge, I'd take points off for Lilly only doing certain tricks on one side, and I blame Abby for not teaching her that.  It's lazy technique taught by a lazy teacher.

This episode was kind of fun.  I still think it's overproduced.  The funniest parts were watching Michelle lurk in like a cubby/closet while Abby addressed the group, and the Studio19 lady getting the door for Abby in her wheelchair whilst yelling at her.  This is why I can't quit this show.

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The way the moms acted tonight is what I used to like about the OG and the moms.  In this episode, the moms stuck up for Sarah so that she could dance.  Yolanda was the first one to tell Abby that it wasn't fair to punish Sarah for her mom's actions.  Now, some of the moms did stick up for her for selfish reasons, e.g. too much turnaround and not a cohesive team, etc.  But it was nice to still see that.

Since the OG and the moms knew each other before Dance Moms, the moms usually were nice to the daughters even if they yelled at each other.  Actually, even Abby had her moments where she looked like she cared about the girls.  Now, everything is staged and there isn't a history between the cast.

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It's staged - it's edited - it always has been. I love the new kids - I love the routines and can't wait to watch each week - some of the moms I could do without but I think you have better dancers and much better choreography than the original group.

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On 7/31/2019 at 1:50 PM, LibertarianSlut said:

I don't know what is so bad about second place, dang!

According to the incredibly competitive Mr. kicotan, second place = first loser.

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I never understood that expression!  Abby always says it.  Not to get too semantic, but doesn't it depend on how they announce the categories?  If they start with fifth, and work their way up to first, how can anyone argue that second--I'll say it how Abby says it--"is the first to lose"?  How are they not last to lose?  And if they are only awarding through fifth, and more than five people competed, where do those who don't place stand as far as the order of losers?  Above or below?

I totally get that it's a swipe at second place, but a good swipe needs to make sense in order to satisfy.  And Abby's been inconsistent on it.  She's been thrilled when people have gotten second in the past!  I know, because, in my pettiness, I call it out every time, "Abby, what's going on?!?  I thought second was the first to lose!"  

I dunno.  I guess when silver medalists at the Olympics are seen as being inferior to those that don't medal, I might get it.

OTOH,  I understand it as Mr. Kicton says it--like, forget second, it's first or nothing at all!  And I echo this sentiment in something like the World Cup.  When England lost to Croatia last year, I didn't like the fact that they had to play another game to see who was third, and I just wanted them to be able to go home.  So there's that...

I just don't think it is something Abby should espouse in the competitive dance environment, where sometimes a second place competitor outscores someone who comes in first in another category, and Abby subsequently gifts the high scorers--who came in second-- with solos in the next competition.  Then it loses all meaning for me and she's just saying it because she's silly.

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First, second, third...this heavy emphasis on competition and rank and favouring the highest scorers is not healthy. Abby, being the classic narcissist that she is, wants to WIN and be adored and glorified at all costs; that is, at the expense of the well being and happiness of the children. And that means she pits one against the other as a means of motivating them to work harder...so that SHE can dominate in the competitive dance world. The kids aren't motivated in a positive way. They are humiliated, degraded, beaten down and ABUSED. You see when they make a mistake how they come off stage in tears AFRAID of Abby's wrath. They are being trained to succeed in order to please someone else. Very unhealthy.
I don't know much about the dance world but it is similar to the music world. But the top studios actually will limit and even eliminate competition in order to focus on technique. At Juilliard, one can spend a year on one piece, perfecting it by isolating technical parts.  And so it should be...and probably is in dance, with the focus on the student and his or her mastery of the technique, not on how many firsts can we get in the next competition. 
No wonder so many of these dancers look back on their experience with Abby as so negative. Sensitive and beautiful dancer Chloe was beaten down so badly by Abby I expected child welfare to intervene. I am sure she and others are scarred for life and have quit dance (like ultra talented Brynn Rumfallo) and associate dance with fear and humiliation. 
I wish Dance Moms would show mothers who support each other, a strict but fair teacher and talented dancers. I would love Dance Moms if this were so.

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