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Welcome to the Everything Else forum! This is the spot to talk about everything else BESIDES television.

There's a wide array of topics available, so before starting a new one, please be sure that there isn't one that already covers what you'd like to talk about. The mods reserve discretion to merge topics that may be similar; if you have questions, please PM your forum moderators:  @Giant Misfit @JTMacc99

Additionally, if  there are people who post in the forum who you do not agree with, or whose opinions make you angry, you can add the member to your "Ignored User" list.  If they're breaking the rules/being rude to you or other posters, report them.  If they're not breaking the rules but still annoy/anger you can ignore them! As in not have to regularly see their posts!

It’s really easy to ignore another user, here's how:


We do expect you to follow all the guidelines on the site; the site FAQ and Guidelines can be found here including the Politics and Primetimer rules.

Thanks for posting!

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