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Welcome to the Primetimer Sports Forum!

A reminder about the big rule on these forums. You should always be civil and respectful of other posters. You can disagree politely with others. You can also ignore other posters in your Control Panel. If you feel a poster is disrespectful or rude to you or others in the forum, please report it to the mod team.

While discussion of news affecting athletes and management is allowed, posts that contain personal political views are subject to moderation. Such posts will be considered off-topic under forum rules and will be removed at the discretion of the mods.

The threads are grouped by sports and leagues. If you feel there is one missing, please PM us. we’ll be glad to help you start a new thread.

Please remember, mods are only human, and sometimes stuff will slip through the net. So if you see a post that violates the above, please do not respond - use the report button. Thank you.

Finally, feel free to contact the mod team with any questions.  As we are all in different time zones, please include us all on any PM's.

Thank you!

- @CheshireCat, @JTMacc99, and @OtterMommy

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