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Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Soma)

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This is the latest anime to air on Toonami. From what I gather, kid seeks out his dreams of being the ultimate chef, attending a school where at least 90 percent of the student body will look down upon him because his background is pretty humble. That's the vibe I got from the teaser, and it looks interesting, even though we've been walking that path with Black Clover. Only this time, we have two things that are pretty unique: food and people orgasming from eating said food.

I tend to make up dialogue because I think it's funny. This time, it's at the end of the first episode with Sora and his father Joichiro.

Sora: (anger vein popping) What do you mean you're closing the restaurant?!?

Joichiro: I got an offer I can't refuse, and you need to go on your hero's journey.

Sora: Do you know what happened while you were gone?

Joichiro: I supposed you'll tell me.

Sora: Right. You know that bitch that wants to buy our place and tear it down? Well, she came by last night wanting a meal. The problem was her henchmen basically destroyed most of the stuff in the kitchen.

Joichiro: And you had run your mouth about how we'd close up if we couldn't satisfy any customer.

Sora: Right. It's a pride thing, even though I didn't put it in writing, let alone bring in a notary. Anyway, I MacGyvered up a dish that was basically potatoes mashed into the shape of a roast, wrapped in bacon.

Joichiro: Interesting. Sounds a lot better than that whole "peanut butter squid" fiasco. What kind of impression are we trying to give the audience if we have a hentai-like scene right off the bat? So then what happened?

Sora: She came. Hard. So hard. So did her henchmen. And I persuaded her to leave us alone

Joichiro: Are we talking fantasy foodgasm, or was it the real thing?

Sora: We had image spots of the lady's clothes bursting off her body from sheer ecstasy . . . but I think I ruined the guys' pants.

Joichiro: Wait, so the crap smeared on our sign-?

Sora: NO! But the lady walked right up to me, whispered in my ear to call her any time, licked my ear, and then shoved a business card down my pants. I basically have a grown-ass woman as my slave, as long as I cook for her first.

Joichiro: Damn.

Sora: So after all of that . . . ALL. OF. THAT. . . you're telling me we're shutting down for a few years? After what I did to protect the damn place? Why the hell should I let you walk off?

Joichiro: So that you can go off and have adventures in a culinary school where you'd be an underdog.

Sora: (facepalm) Shit. You're right.

Joichiro: On the bright side, I'm not an anime dad that abandoned his kid! Okay, now we gotta see an imagine spot where our female lead gets conked in the head by a jukebox as she meditates underneath a waterfall.

ETA: I figured that putting in the Japanese title first was better, but I guess that could be a pain if you're doing searches.

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It's food porn and fanservice. I'm assuming they had some sort of culinary advisor on call for the manga to supply credible awesome dishes for the series.

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I hope the barrage of shonen anime cliches will let up soon so the story can become more interesting.

On 7/14/2019 at 12:58 PM, Terrafamilia said:

I'm assuming they had some sort of culinary advisor on call for the manga to supply credible awesome dishes for the series.

The mangaka who created it collaborated with a celebrity chef named Yuki Morisaki.

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This is way over the top, I’m curious if it will settle down a bit as well.

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I'm having fun so far. Soma is the Golden Child, a boy from a humble diner whose raw talent overcomes his lack of status. It also helps that merely tasting his food sends people into epic scenes of foodgasming. And he's a rookie compared to his father. That guy's food is so good, it causes a religious man to prematurely break his fast, even diving over restaurant patrons buck-ass naked.

Yeah, Soma's entrance is basicall Asta/Midoriya, where everyone looks down on him. And the high status girl (she's 15, so that makes her foodgasm a little unseemly) has the "God Tongue," so Soma's victory makes things sweeter. Well, until she breaks through her emotions and fails him. I'm guessing the old man in the stinger is her father, and he gets Soma enrolled.

Funny that everybody but Soma wussed out on taking the exam. You'd think a few of them would be humiliated.

Aide: Okay, she has graded all of your performances. Basically, every single one of you failed. I didn't want to get your hopes up. Yadda yadda yadda, you will be shot if you ever step near this institute. And each of you might reach peak status, but your failure today will haunt each of you until the day you die. And possibly beyond. [pregnant pause] Here are the comments she wrote for each of you. [hands out papers]

Applicant A: [reading out loud] "Your dish was basically a pleasant day in the wilderness, until I was devoured by a hippopotamus. Basically, you don't think that they can be vicious, but they can be . . . and eating your food felt like getting torn apart." Well, damn, that is harsh.

Applicant B: "Like getting attacked by a perverse octopus, only it has sixteen limbs, and it is really reluctant to violate me." Jeez, this girl's got issues.

Applicant C : Yeah, she's like that. Rumor is that her first words was criticizing her mother's breast milk. [looking at the sheet] She just wrote "FUCK YOU" over and over.

Applicant D : She just drew a picture of herself bent over my face.

Applicant B: How detailed is it?

Applicant D : Just stick figures.

Applicant B: I like stuff like that. Wanna trade papers?

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I kind of love this show.  It's a down to earth show that also completely over the top.  I also like how low stakes this is.  No bad guys to fight, just delicious food to cook.

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54 minutes ago, Matt K said:

I kind of love this show.  It's a down to earth show that also completely over the top.  I also like how low stakes this is.  No bad guys to fight, just delicious food to cook.

The stakes are low now. Given how prestigious this school is, and that most of the student look down upon Sora, I'm thinking things will ramp up over time.

I'm guessing the girl we met this week will be in the main cast and speculated as a love interest. I know her panicking can come off as annoying, but when you're taking a test where you need an "A" to stay enrolled, and two fuckers sabotaged your dish because they want to break the new kid you've been trying to avoid . . . yeah, you'd be panicky as well.

Oh, and I didn't make a "stakes"/"stakes" joke. You're welcome. 😜

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This week, Soma gets ahead with his honey-massaged meat. Wait, what now!?!

I would have been looking for a pressure cooker (But hey, this whole school is a pressure cooker! [rim shot])

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I hope they show Megumi’s southern-fried friend from home again.  Is the North of Japan really that rustic?

I’m hoping these cooking tips are real because I want to try them!

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A person could make this episode sound really, really dirty. Meat rubbing! Honey! Too salty! And so on.

6 hours ago, Terrafamilia said:

I would have been looking for a pressure cooker

That's exactly what I was thinking while watching it.

2 hours ago, lathspel said:

Is the North of Japan really that rustic?

Northeast, but yeah. Pretty rustic.

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Back at the True Cross Academy of cooking schools even the dorms have entrance exams. Soma finds out that his dorm-mates are your usual assortment of quirky characters and includes the nearly flunking out gal he met in French class. Right on schedule they manage to see each other naked. Speaking of naked, another dorm-mate turns out to be a nudist. He also lives in the attic where he can peak in on other dorm rooms whenever he likes. He's also the number 7 seat on the dreaded and absurdly powerful Council of Ten.

Lest you think that watching sexy hi-jinks of high school students would make you a pervy pedo, worry not, these kids are generally drawn as older than they are just like twenty-something and even thirty-something actors are cast in teen dramas on the CW.

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