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Jackson Michie: Oh, Michie, You Ain't Fine! You're Such Slime, You Slime My Mind! Ew, Michie!

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Adapted from Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey" (1982):

So, wait, Mickey's "so pretty", but he's driving the cheerleader crazy by blowing off their dates and giving her no action, no satisf-action?  Sounds like Mickey's in the closet, doesn't it?  Didn't know that…

Also, may as well cite this, too:

Back to Son of Jack, I should point out that I saw a large group interaction during one of the BBAD episodes, and he actually was one of the less-horrible people in it.  I'm not just saying "better than Jack", because literal pond scum can manage that, but Jackson mostly kept his mouth shut and didn't make me want to melt his Lego™-head.  So he can be pleasantly surprising, to an extent.  (And others severely disappointed me, but that's a different story.)

I suppose it might be interesting to see how he would play without Jack, but I could say that about everybody.  And of the others, Mr. Michie is the one I have the least interest in seeing "blossom".  But JMO.

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