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Spoilers and Speculation: Crystal Ball

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Sticking this article in spoilers because Eliot Laurence seems to be confirming that Scylla has a redemption arc and makes it through season one (her survival being something I wasn't expecting, tbh).


Another moment that stood out to me was Raelle and Scylla’s (Amalia Holm) first kiss in the pilot. It gets hot and heavy real fast. You really went there.

I know. I love it so much. I mean, both of those actors, Taylor and Amalia, are so brilliant, and bring so much detail and research to every move they make on camera. But the chemistry is insane between those two. It’s incandescent. Boy, they’re going to go through a lot of trouble in Season 1. But it’s not the end. I’m obsessed with them.


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Looking at the sneak peeks and synopsis for 1x7, it seems that Abigail/Adil wasn't just in my head. Just from those clips alone, I know this is what I'm looking forward to the most.

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It definitely wasn't just in your head... I saw an immediate spark between them, too, and I've seen some talk of it elsewhere. I think it'll be an interesting dynamic with her being so pro-war right now and him being so anti-war.

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'Motherland: Fort Salem' Boss Breaks Down Those Major Finale Surprises & Teases Season 2


We're going to see The Spree and the army team up against the Camarilla.

We'll find out why Willa defected; there are apparently several levels to the story.

We're going to see a lot more of the "outside world" and how regular people interact with witches, as Scylla and Anacostia are both out there.

Scylla and Raelle have "a lot more chapters" in their story, but may or may not get back together romantically.

We will see War College, and the unit's training will intensify.

There will be new characters and love interests. Out of the main characters, Abigail will grow the most in terms of relationships.


‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Creator On The Finale Bombshell, Raelle & Scylla’s Future& More Season 2 Scoop


Anacostia has a third reason for following Scylla (besides losing faith in Alder and seeing some good in Scylla), and it "reveals a deeper mission" that's "pretty cool."

Alder is very interested in learning if Raelle and Abigail can replicate the "witchbomb" so she can use it as a new military weapon.

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