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The Curse of Civil War Gold

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After seeing season two's finale, I had to make some comments.   The team finding gold painted bricks at the bottom of Lake Michigan is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen on "reality" television.  It actually makes me suspicious that the producers planted the bricks so that they would be able to tease the pictures of them in the previews all season.  If someone were messing with them, how would they know the exact spots that they were going to dive?

It was funny hearing Marty Lagina rip them all about not having their sites properly marked.  I don't think I've ever heard him that upset before.  Maybe he was taking some of his Oak Island frustrations out on them.  It was probably like being on the wrong end of him in his drilling business.

I actually thought that when he heard about the gold bricks, he was going to have everybody line up so he could give them each a kick in the behind.  But he was fairly good natured about it.

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I think the poor decision about the last episode effectively ended the potential for any further seasons.

am surprised it didn’t end oak island as well

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I've been waiting for someone to start a thread about this...

Seriously wtf was up with the last episode... I can't understand what they were thinking and who was stupid enough to think it was a good idea!

Hubby sat there staring and then we both looked at each other wondering wtf we just witnessed.

I think Kevin is behind this and his brother helped him... He wants that show so badly that he planted the bricks and figured it would make for a dramatic conspiracy theory type ending with everyone on the edge of their seat waiting for Season 3.

Kevin always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room and those types usually get involved in something shady to keep up the facade.

Does he actually expect us to believe that some shadowy entity is f*cking with them and planted the bricks?... How? Who? Why?

Marty looked annoyed and maybe even disgusted.... rightly so.

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