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S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

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My mom, who has never seen the show, asked if Shep and Craig were gay after watching the photo shoot scene and hearing the “my two dads” comment. Hee. Said they were “cute guys.” 

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[Human] Craig is jealous that Austen has TWO exes that are still involved in his life and care about him. As if Craig wouldn’t hop to whatever Naomie said if she called him up. He wishes!

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I think being around the likes of Witney and Shep has not been the best thing for Craig and Austen.  

Neither Witney nor Shep have to work and consequently, don't do so very much (at least that we see). That's a lifestyle that won't work for Craig and Austen which I think they forget by being around them so often.  Meanwhile, years go by living and partying off of show money with nothing of substance in the end. 

I remember early-on Witney and Shep trying to impart this notion to Craig.   

I think I would enjoy Craig and Austen more if they were engaged in productive employment. 

One aging boozer/philanderer (Shep) is plenty.

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When I first learned that Shep was adopting a puppy I was genuinely worried. But now I have a theory that, when he isn't boozing in bars and hooking up with random women, Shep is lonely. Or bored. Or dimly perceives that his future seems kind of bleak. Anyway, I'm hoping he will bond with the puppy and be invested in caring for him and they become true pals.

I also hope he doesn't put the puppy in a crate at 9pm and leave him in there all alone at night while he carouses in bars. But I suspect he does.

I will always believe that Kathryn firmly set her cap for Thomas and that she was no victim and that she purposefully conceived her children for the child support and preferably marriage. (I grew up with southern girls and their mamas who were the same way - they started chasing wealthy scions at an early age.) But now I believe she is ensnared in addiction and mental illness, and I'm forcing myself to try to have compassion for her disorders.

Somewhere I read that she grew up in a chaotic home, and that her father cannot be around her children. There's a story there. All of which to say: I think the tears she shed when the hypnotist said "you are worthy" were real. Long ago I sought out yoga during a period of demanding work, a parent's final illness, and other problems. During corpse pose at my first session, I was relaxed and my mind was clear. The yogi murmured soothing affirmations and I nearly lost it. Kathryn received what the hypnotist was sending out.

Unfortunately Kathryn's focus right now is on shopping and partying and apparently drugs and alcohol. She hasn't really turned her life around. Yet. And she's pretty narcissistic.

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