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Nickelodeon Star Trek Animated Series

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Is this the voyage of the Kid's Crew?


A new, original CG-animated Star Trek series that follows a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to search for adventure, meaning and salvation is in the works from Nickelodeon and CBS Television Studios. 

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I wonder what this will look like; the style of animation makes a big difference to me. Not a fan of the concept of "lawless teens," but how else do you sell a show to Nickelodeon? 

I have "Star Trek: The Animated Series" on DVD. The animation was bad, but the stories are generally good (some of them were penned by the original writers of "Star Trek").

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Do we know what ST era this will be set in?  If the lawless teens were a bunch of orphaned kids of the various factions a la DS9, Maquis, Bajoran, Cardassian, etc. I could watch that. 

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