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What Is... The Battle of the Decades?

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I was actually worried a bit about last night's game....even thought I knew he won.   Heh, way to make Chuck feel old though Ken - he watched him when he was ten.


And, my streak of not remembering the answers to any of the FJs continues. 

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I didn't remember one thing about the Brad/Ken/Roger TOC until Edema came up as one of the answers in the medical terminology category.  You'd think all 3 of them sharing one stage would look and sound pretty familiar to me but nope.  As I shouted Edema at my screen it (finally) dawned on me....


I should like Ken more, there's really no reason I can object to his personality, seems nice enough.   Brad. hmm, um well the only thing I really didn't appreciate about him was that he seems to be a laugh-at-you for the wrong answer guy.   Not awesome.   Roger was my favorite, except whenever he buzzed in because that drag it out thing.  Er. Mah. Gerd.  If it's a strategy it sucks.  If not, bro, spit it out.  I mean anytime Alex has to prompt you, you're taking too long.     Then there is the problem of leaving clues on the board.  Roger!   I liked his attitude and sportsmanship though.  

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They're gonna have to keep coming up with tournaments until Ken can finally beat Brad.


And given their track history, both will probably die of old age before that happens.  Which means lots of great Jeopardy games for us to watch.

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