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Notes From The Mods

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Hello! It's time for a new edition of Notes From The Mods!  Just like previous Mod Threads, this is where you can get information for the Arrow forum, such as who your mod team is, which topics you can redirect discussions to, and any updates that come in. So, let's get started! 

First things first: Arrow is scaling back for its final season and the Mod Team is following suit. We've got a new team of three to keep things running smoothly.

And here we are! Your new mods are:  @Pallas, @Princess Sparkle, and @scarynikki12

The best way to reach us is via PM, both individually and collectively, when you have questions (@+Mod Name). Keep in mind that PMing all of us means there's a higher chance of a quicker response. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, and helping the forum to continue running smoothly.

Next point: The many threads available for discussion. So here is a list of some of the topics in the forum and what they're for:

Of course, there are many more topics that aren't covered here, so if you have any questions about those, feel free to PM us about it! 

Please see below for the most important stuff about fan talk and other general rules on the forum! 

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On to our next order of business: fan talk! As always on this forum, there are specific policies about fan talk, which we'll remind everyone of:

1. Talking about fans or other fan sites in a general sense is ok. 

2. What's not ok is bashing fans for their opinions, or trash-talking people who may have a different opinion. This forum welcomes any and all parts of the fandom. That includes pro-Felicity fans, pro-Laurel fans, pro-NTA fans, pro-comics fans, and yes, even (fill in the blank) fans. You see an opinion you don't like? Either start a civil and respectful discussion about it, or don't engage at all. 

3. Maintain civility and respect toward other posters here. This forum is for people -- a world of different people -- who care about the same show. It's a place to support one another when times on the show gets rough. Discourse allows people to see each other learn more about what they love. Everyone views the show in a slightly different way, and that's what furthers the discussions; that's what the forum is for.  

4. A reminder that this is still just a show. It was made to entertain. So have some fun here in the season to come!

Some final reminders about general forum stuff:

5. If you see a post that violates our simple rules, do not engage. Report the post in question, and then leave it. We mods will handle it within the next couple of days. 

6. You see a poster you really don't like? Put them on ignore so you can't see their posts (although anyone quoting said person will show up for you in the quote box). Click on your profile, go to "Ignored Users" and add their name. It's that simple!

That's it for now, and thank you for reading this thread. Further general mod notes about the board will be posted here, so check back often. If you have any further questions, message any or all of us.

And welcome to the Arrow forum, once again! 

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As you can see we’ve got a forum update. Five threads (Social Media, News, Stars in Other Roles, Awards, and Fan Art) have been closed. All were media threads focusing on different areas and kept the forum from getting overwhelmed. Now that the show is over and some time has passed we no longer need so many.

Going forward all media about Arrow will go in the new media thread: Star City News. Everything media related that would have been in one of the old threads can now be posted in this one.

Site rules still apply so remember to add spoiler tags if you post information about anything Arrow related that includes another show. 

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