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Euphoria in The Media

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On 3/24/2022 at 3:07 PM, heatherchandler said:

I do not think for one second he can pull off a GOT or Sopranos.  It is a cool show to look at, although sometimes the cluttered homes makes me feel claustrophobic and makes me want to clean my own house... but I don't feel any real substance in the story, which is weird because there should be a lot there.  It is all so cliché.

I know. Long slow motion bike rides set to music. A nostalgic soundtrack that gets Gen Z viewers to discover music from the 19XXs, A nice color palette, set design, imagery, makeup and fashion. In short: Good style but could use more substance.

Season 3 should be about the fallout at Fez house, Cal's arrest, Laurie getting her money back one way or another...

A lot of viewers have identified with a few characters, some experiences on the show, and wishing their high school years were that cool. 

But still, a lot of style, but needs more substance. Can Sam Levinson deliver or did he bite off more than what he could chew?

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