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S01.E01: Pilot

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8 hours ago, kieyra said:

None of this is commentary on the show/character, more bemused that it just whiffed right over my head even though the show was showing me. (Probably because I was so busy worrying that everyone was about to be raped and murdered, perhaps on a livestream.)

Between years of watching SVU and the glut of true crime documentaries, I now watch the pilot of every show that isn't explicitly a sitcom half expecting someone to get murdered. And the one time in the last year when I didn't make that assumption, someone got murdered at the very end of the pilot episode and I was like WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!!

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I am late to the party but looking forward to reading your comments here.

The behavior of the teens doesn’t surprise me. Yes, it’s tv, so things are amped up for entertainment values but I think the show I speaking about a certain group of kids. I was quite happy when Jules stuck up for herself and didn’t let the shirtless guy bully her mercilessly. She didn’t need to cut herself to prove a point though. 

I think Rue is supposed to be relatable to a lot of her peers watching this because she is self medicating rather than her dealing with her mental health issues in a more productive way. I can image how exhausting it must be to have dealt with anxiety your entire life at 17.

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