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Your Favorite (And Not-So-Favorite) Webcomics

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(It was a toss-up on whether to post this topic here or in the comics section of the site, but I ultimately went for this one.)


So, let's talk webcomics. What webcomics do you read regularly? What would you recommend to others? What webcomics would you be advised to stay the hell away from? (And other such webcomic-related stuff.)


To start off: my regular reading list is Cyanide and Happiness, xkcd, and Sam and Fuzzy, while I only look at SMBC every so often.

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I've just become an SMBC regular reader in the last few months.


The Non-Adventures of Wonderella is on a break right now following its 400th update (it updates weekly) but it's so great. Basically Wonder Woman but pragmatic and apathetic.


Amazing Super Powers updates MWF, and note that they not only have a hover-cursor joke (like XKCD and some others) but also another hidden joke -- click the white-on-white question mark in the upper right next to the strip.  They're super funny.


Buttersafe updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. Very clever comedy. They don't do hover-cursor jokes, but if you scroll down, there's sometimes some explanatory text at the bottom.


I read Freakangels every week when it was new. (Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield do a full on comic book about what if the Midwich Cuckoos had grown up to be 21).  Then I bought all the collected trade paperbacks in print form even though it's still available to read for free online, because it's really good.


I started reading Cleopatra in Space but gave it up because I think I'd rather read it in book form.


And I still check in on Penny Arcade, PVP, Sinfest every now and then.

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I was suprised to see that PTV doesn't yet have a webcomics main thread, so here it is!


What's everybody reading, and does anyone have any recommendations?


Of course, there's xkcd, Cyanide and Happiness, The Oatmeal, Dinosaur Comics, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, etc. that are all pretty great.


Here are just a few to start us off with!


  • Hark, a Vagrant! http://www.harkavagrant.com/ - Kate Beaton's wonderful series of humerous comics about various aspects of history. Not updated that frequently, but usually clever and amusing.
  • Anything by Emily Carroll http://www.emcarroll.com/ - So, SO creepy. The master of the horror comic short story. I'd really recommend "His Face All Red" as your first venture into the world of Emily Carroll, but "Margot's Room" and "Out of Skin" are really, really fantastic. Her first book, Through the Woods, just came out today, and it's AMAZING.
  • Perry Bible Fellowship  http://pbfcomics.com/ - Recently started updating again! Ugh, one of my absolute favorite gag comics. Super clever and surreal, with an iconic art style.
  • Three Word Phrase http://threewordphrase.com/ Often as hilarious as PBF, but less-known.
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I was suprised to see that PTV doesn't yet have a webcomics main thread, so here it is!

Well, there already was (this) one over in Online, but now there's a link to it from the Comic Books section too. :)

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I don't read a lot of webcomics, but Olympus Overdrive was quirky enough to get my attention. It's about an international game that the Greek Gods play that involves using humans as their partners/sort of game pieces and it's pretty funny. I also like the colorful art and occasional flash mini-game.

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If, like me, you're passingly familiar with superhero comics, and if, like me, you enjoy things that are good, then allow me to recommend Strong Female Protagonist (No relation to Hark, A Vagrant) written by Brendan Lee Mulligan and illustrated by Molly Ostertag.


20 year old Alison Green is invulnerable and super strong.  As one of country's premiere front line superheroes she has been breaking things and killing bad guys for God and Country and has saved the world on four separate occasions since she was 14, until a confrontation with her archnemesis brings her to a painful conclusion.  Nothing that Alison has done has made the world a better place, she can't do lasting, widespread good by being able to punch things very hard, and there's a secret cabal out there who have been quietly assassinating those people whose superpowers actually can fix the pervasive, systemic problems that bring about so much human suffering.  And so, on national television, she takes off her mask, reveals her identity, and quits superheroing to enroll at a liberal arts college, hoping to find some way to actually bring about something better for humanity (while still trying to make it to class on time).


And that's just the backstory!  Strong Female Protagonist is a fantastic webcomic with very richly drawn characters that serves as a very well done Deconstruction of the Superhero genre that doesn't go uber dark like The Boys or Watchmen.  It updates every Tuesday and Friday.

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