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Anticipation For Beecham House

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3 hours ago, treeofdreams said:

I wrote myself a note a while ago that Beecham House would premiere on PBS March 1.  Can anyone confirm this?  Or have other information?

Looking through my OPB (Oregon Public Broadcast, our PBS station) guide for March and I'm not seeing it anywhere.  

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From the WETA Telly Visions blog:


The series will stream in full on both PBS Passport and Amazon Prime Video’s Masterpiece channel, beginning on March 1. Beecham House will also air traditionally on Masterpiece itself at some point later this year. (TBD on that front. Summer, maybe?)


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Thanks for the info.  I'm surprised that I hadn't gotten word from OPB about it as they are usually pretty good about telling members what is on PBS Passport.

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Watching on PBS Passport since all of my volunteer activities have been cancelled due to Covid-19.  The locales and costumes are just exquisite.

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