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"Georgia Flood stars as "American Princess" Amanda, an Upper East Side socialite whose storybook nuptials are dramatically derailed when she discovers her fiance is cheating on her just hours before her dream wedding in the countryside. Stunned by the betrayal, Amanda runs off only to find herself stranded in the middle of a Renaissance fair with no phone and no way home. Amid the bizarre surroundings, Amanda has an unexpected awakening and impulsively decides to become the newest member of the fair." 

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I found this show surprisingly entertaining. Although are there really people in this world that have never even HEARD of a Ren Fair?? Especially English majors? Out of all the impossibilities of this show, this one stuck out the most to me.  I found the "renny" underworld comparisons to carnies' lifestyle interesting, as someone who does not attend ren fairs so I have no idea what the performers are like at all.  I'll keep watching, I'm intrigued.

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This was cute, its a fun summer show that I think I will enjoy a lot like a nice light summer sherry. The lead is rather selfish but I think thats the point and she will probably grow as the show goes on. I have been to a few Ren Fairs before, its a fun time, although I dont know much about actually working there or being a Ren Fair groupie so this should be an interesting ride. I always like learning about quirky niche subcultures that you dont see in the media very much. 

That nipple ring pull! Ouch!

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Lucas Neff was pretty awesome in "Raising Hope" (as well as the rest of the cast). I'm enjoying him in this too.

I've been to Renaissance Faires, and the employees (at least the entertainers) do have to remain in "character." I enjoyed that they used the matching costume characters in the beginning to be amateurs who just like to attend these on a regular basis. Our local seasonal one (DC area) actually has season passes for sale. Some regular attenders make very elaborate costumes and wear them. I just enjoyed that these actors were being very historically inaccurate. There are a lot of weird costume goers out there that are definitely not historically accurate.

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Last week's episodes, Amanda didn't really bother me, I just saw her as spoiled and unexposed to life outside of her bubble.  Last night I wanted to smack her.  From reaching in to borrow Maggie's shampoo before waiting for permission, to going on and on about the "bush" to everyone, and being a bitch the store owner, she was downright unlikeable.

The radio clip was spot-on!  Douchebags on air, the female only around to be brunt of sexist jokes, and the sound clips reminded me of why I listen to NPR in the car, LOL.  Did they only invite him to come for an interview to mock him?

I wonder if BJ girl is the one who used to be Delilah's roommate?

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I felt awful for Shakespeare Guy during the radio show, just filled to the brim with the worst kind of dude bro fart joke humor, especially as they basically spent the whole time making fun of him and his passion. It was nice to see him and the mud guy bonding a bit. Shakespeare truly WAS the master of dirty jokes, he just made them sound pretty. He was the man who may or may not have written the first ever Yo Mamma joke after all! 

I like this show a lot so far, its funny and sweet and it clearly has a lot of fondness for the Ren Fair life, no matter how silly it often is. 

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I could have sworn I posted here last week after the series premiere! I liked the first two episodes and I definitely enjoyed seeing so many actors who I know from other shows pop up.  This show seems great for the summer - a light fun fish out of water rom com.

17 hours ago, marshmallow said:

Last week's episodes, Amanda didn't really bother me, I just saw her as spoiled and unexposed to life outside of her bubble.  Last night I wanted to smack her.  From reaching in to borrow Maggie's shampoo before waiting for permission, to going on and on about the "bush" to everyone, and being a bitch the store owner, she was downright unlikeable.

The radio clip was spot-on!  Douchebags on air, the female only around to be brunt of sexist jokes, and the sound clips reminded me of why I listen to NPR in the car, LOL.  Did they only invite him to come for an interview to mock him?

Agreed on both counts. Last week, Amanda clearly had no clue how things worked at the faire so I gave her a pass about being clueless, but all the stuff she did this week was just her being really rude, from trying to steal Maggie's shampoo and trying to make changes to the storylines at the faire to insulting the store owner and bombarding him with unsolicited "suggestions." Stay in your lane, girl.

Parks & Rec had the perfect send up of morning radio with Ira and the Douche, but this was a pretty fair example too (sexist jokes, lame impersonations, and stupid sound effects).

I'm glad that Stick had a conversation with Amanda this week. I was afraid they were going to make him all Hodor-ish for the entire season.

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I mean, there probably is a conversation to be had about sexism in the ren fair world and the romancing of a deeply problematic time period...but sometimes you just want to drink a lot of ale and make cheap sex jokes, you know? And who is this rich white woman to lecture a bunch of other, less wealthy and POC about what they should or should not be doing, and that they should feel bad about what makes them happy?

It was fun seeing some of Amanda's friends actually enjoying the fair and getting into it, and Amanda was quite likable again this week. She really is trying to commit to all of this, and I thought her giving Shakespeare a bit of a pep talk to talk to his crush was really sweet. Poor guy clearly needs to make some more friends, Queen Liz isnt a very good bestie. 

Hazzah for the tipper!

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Queen Liz is pretty self-absorbed, she has brushed him off every time the topic of conversation strays from her!  She didn't give him much support last week either, when he was bothered by the radio spot.

Shakespeare and his new "I have enough friends" friend are super cute, I hope they keep this romance blossoming.

Amanda was much more likeable this week, and her friends getting into the spirit of the faire were cute.  I can see how alpha friend could struggle seeing all the blatant sexism and overt sexualization going on in the faire, knowing that she was going through harassment herself, but if all the participants are willingly engaging, it's not exactly the same situation.

Delilah having a son is an interesting twist, I'm not sure why he was introduced.

So is the connection between BJ girl (I can't remember her name) and Amanda well known among all the faire crew?  Callie seemed to have all the details, including the payoff Amanda's mom gave her.  Callie is also very possessive of David, but he keeps going to Amanda.  I wonder what the relationship status is between Callie and David.

Regarding next week's preview,


they killed the suspense by showing Amanda's mom alive.  I wonder if she faked the OD to get Amanda home?

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Delilah: This is Lil Boy.
Amanda: Yes, I can see that he's a little boy.
Delilah: No, that's his name - Lil Boy. Until he's old enough to choose his own name.
Lil Boy: Fartbox!
Delilah: Okay, not old enough yet.

Amanda: Your parents are strict too, huh? My mom made me take French AND Mandarin. Merci for nothing, Chairman Mao.

Delilah: [My parents are] Evangelical Christians. I wasn't even allowed to read The Giving Tree when I was a kid because "if it can give you an apple, it can touch you in your bathing suit area."

Brian: Hey, same body wash! Gotta love that Mountain Mist. Great minds. Then again, we do differ in our choices of toothpaste flavor. What kind of person uses wintergreen?
Juan Andrés: What can I say? I'm a wintergreen guy.
Brian: I also heard that wintergreen was the flavor used by Hitler!

Brian: I just had a rather awkward incident. I ran into Juan Andrés - you know, the man that I sort of like - in the restroom We were in line for the showers. I thought I'd strike up a conversation but it went poorly. I made a very bad joke about Hitler. How do I show him that I like him?
Maggie: Invite him over for a Hefeweizen and a light chapter of Mein Kampf.

Maggie: I need to Nair my widow's peak before breakfast. I'm starting to look like Count Chocula.

Maggie: I will not besmirch the legacy of the great queen simply to put a couple of extra shekels in your pocket.
Lee: I figured you'd say that and I am prepared. "It is said that Elizabeth I drank at least two pints of ale every day. In 1593, the royal household went through approximately 600,000 gallons of ale." Signed, the internet.

Maggie: I don't believe in girlfriends. Bitches be haters.

Nick: It's like [Amanda]'s been kidnapped by those drum circle mole people in Union Square.

Amanda: It's the whole mixing worlds thing. You know when you introduce your yoga friends to your pilates friends and the vibe is just super different?

Amanda: Fun, right?
Morgan: Yeah, if by fun you mean super offensive. What is with all the horny nerd humor? I feel like the only girl in a Fortnite chat room.

Maggie: I have to go numbers 1, 2, and 3.

Maggie: Do I look pretty?
Brian: Yes, dear.
Maggie: Would you believe me if I told you I was in my 30s?
Brian: Yes, dear.
Maggie: Do you think Daniel Day-Lewis wore his Lincoln hat while he slept and showered?
Brian: Yes, dear.
Maggie: You're my best friend.
Brian. Yup.

David: Spence or Brearley?
Amanda: Spence? How very dare you? Brearley. Wait, how did you know that?
David: I'm from the city.
Amanda: Shut up! What?
David: You shut up!
Amanda: Where are you from? No, wait. Let me guess. Lower East Side, artist parents.
David: No.
Amanda: Upper West Side, journalist parents.
David: No.
Amanda: Greenpoint, Polish bakers.
David: No.
Amanda: Chelsea, two dads.
David: No.

Leaf: Nice fucking!

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On an OCD note, thank you, show, for telling us that Amanda has been at the faire for three weeks now. I hate when it's unclear how much time has passed!

This was the perfect time for Amanda's friends to show up now that she's settled in and feeling comfortable. I know she's hurt that they didn't come sooner (or on their own) but plotwise, if they had shown up while she was still a complete fish out of water then it would have been way too easy for them to convince her to go home. I like that she genuinely enjoys working there, has made friends, and doesn't want to leave. Even though David keeps calling her a city lady, she is doing things like cheerfully moving kegs around without any whining or complaining.

Drunk Maggie is way better than regular Maggie, but I hate that she has such a one-sided friendship with Brian. She's been very selfish and has blown him off when he had genuine concerns. Amanda had one conversation with him and she was nicer to him than his supposed BFF Maggie was. Yay for Brian and Juan Andrés hooking up!

As for Amanda, I am all for her hooking up with the hot jouster. Nothing wrong with some no strings attached sex. He clearly isn't going to make things weird or awkward just because they slept together.

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S1.E5: A Period Piece


Amanda's family lures her back to New York City; Delilah plans a party to celebrate Lulu and Shart's daughter, Breeze; Maggie wrestles with Brian's new romance; David, Stick and Shart have a "man" outing.

S1.E6: Queen, Interrupted


Amanda tries to make some changes at the Royal Renaissance Festival but bumps up against the old guard; Juan Andres wants to take Brian out on a date; David, Stick and Shart discover an uncomfortable truth.


Original air date: 6/23/19

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Amanda's mom really is a piece of work, faking an overdose just to get Amanda to come and visit for her intervention. It seems like the rest of her friends and family need to find their own version of the fair, what a miserable bunch of people. With the possible exception of her two non brunette friends who just seem to be down with whatever, they all seem like need to find some joy in life that doesent come out of a bottle or a shopping bag. 

I like that they took this time to expand on the supporting cast at the fair a bit, and even Maggie got a bit of character development. She was really awful to Brian, like him spending at least a second on someone else not her is this huge betrayal, so it was nice to see her actually supporting him, even in a small way. The poor daughter, I cant imagine any 13 year old girl wanting to have her period announced like that in front of everyone she knows and making it into a spectacle. Theres a middle ground between making a period out to be this huge thing and making it seem evil and shameful. I liked how much they dealt with in that story, like Delilah overcompensating for her fundamentalist parents making her feel bad about her period, or the daughter really just wanting to go to school and make friends, Delilahs son asking if she was sad he was a boy, they got a lot of millage out of one subplot. 

Moana is a perfectly good role model for kids thank you very much!

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13 hours ago, tennisgurl said:

I like that they took this time to expand on the supporting cast at the fair a bit, and even Maggie got a bit of character development.

Here is the thing I feel bad about... so far the supporting cast is leaving me cold. They just aren't compelling enough when Mandy is off the screen.

I think it is going to be a problem. Even David is starting to get a little boring.  

I happened to see the next episode as well - perhaps by accident - as my on demand just loaded it when this one was done.  But if you have on demand you may be able to see it. 

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12 hours ago, BooBear said:

I happened to see the next episode as well - perhaps by accident - as my on demand just loaded it when this one was done.  But if you have on demand you may be able to see it. 

4 hours ago, Nessie said:

My DVR recorded episodes 5 and 6, as well.

Two episodes aired on Sunday night.

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Erin: While you've been off enjoying your breakdown, I've been here vacuuming up vomit.
Amanda: [Mom] puked?
Erin: Of course she puked. If you're faking an overdose, you commit. Two fingers down the throat like she taught us.

Erin: The vacuum is ruined.
Amanda: So buy another vacuum.
Erin: Easy for you to say. 
Amanda: It is. Rebecca, buy a wet-dry vacuum. 
Rebecca: Purchasing a wet-dry vacuum. 
Amanda: Voilà.

Erin: I've got parent-teacher conferences tomorrow and they no longer let nannies cover and I can't send Joel because he never finds out which kids are worse than ours.

Erin: I need your help. We pinky-promised - us against her forever.
Amanda: Yeah, when I was 8 and still thought that she was under a spell from an evil witch.

Brian: Happy hysterecto-versary to you And many mooooooore!
Maggie: Oh, I knew you wouldn't forget. I feel so blessed. 11 years cancer and child-free.

Brian: Juan Andrés and I had talked about throwing pottery at his studio.
Maggie: How very Ghost of you.

Brian: I think the plural for shiatsu is also shiatsu. It's like moose or underwear.

Delilah: Maybe it's time you two got separate email addresses.
Shart: Secrets are the enemy of love.

Delilah: Out! Your testosterone is ruining the juju.
Lulu: It's just a couple hours, sweetie. Let the women have their time.
Shart: You're making me feel marginalized.
Lulu: You'll get over it. I promise.

Joanntha: If you really want to thank me, get mommy a flat white from that place on 84th. You know the one. The young man who flirts with me via coffee foam.
Amanda: You mean he made a heart in it?
Joanntha: Yes! Oh, poor boy. He must have worked so hard on that to get my attention. But I would never. He's got a tattoo of an avocado.
Amanda: Then it's probably best you spurn his affections. So many calories.

Shart: Breeze got her period.
Stick: Menarche.
Shart: What? She's 13, man. Men are not key.
Stick: Menarche is the first menstrual cycle.
Shart: Shut up with your fancy words. I'm freaking out.
David: Congratulations? Or sorry? I don't really know what to say.
Shart: Yeah, me, neither. It's weird. Lulu and Delilah are throwing Breeze a party.
David: They get a party for that? Like, with gifts?
Shart: Yeah. 
Stick: What should we get Breeze?
Shart: Nothing. We're not invited. They said it's a woman thing. Everything's a woman thing now.
Stick: I think menstruation has always been a woman thing.

Shart: Let's do some man things!
David: Strip clubs? 
Shart: Yes! No. No. Nah, it doesn't feel right looking at boobs when Breeze is just getting her boobs. I don't even want to say boobs. 
David: Okay, well, we could drink beers, watch sports, read Civil War novels.
Shart: Can we shoot things?

Brian: You'll never have to figure out what a Moana is.
Maggie: Look! I can laugh uproariously and not wet myself!
Brian: You can die the way you want by jumping off a cruise ship.
Maggie: When I wake up at 3:00 am, it's because I vomited.

Brian: Maybe we should -
Maggie: Light a symbolic candle for each of the babies I never had? Marvelous. I had a very sexual phase about five years ago, so buckle up. For Yannick, son of the Swiss street artist. You, too, would have had intimacy issues about giving out your phone number. To Jamila, daughter of the rug merchant who sold me my favorite afghan. For Tyler Junior, son of the aspiring foot model who was handing out samplers outside of the Hot Diggity Dog. I should probably go alphabetically in case I lose my place.

Amanda: So how was our honeymoon? I'm guessing that my prayers for a devastating hurricane went unanswered.
Brett: There's my girl.
Amanda: I'm not a girl and I'm not your anything.
Brett: Look, I know I shouldn't have gone but I needed to get away from here. Everyone hates me, which they should, I get it, but it's hard. 
Amanda: As hard as you were when you were inside Helen's mouth?
Brett: I wanted her to leave the night before but it was late and it seemed unsafe for her to drive.

Shart: Birds are gross. They're little dinosaurs that want to kill us.

Joanntha: I just wish you'd had a facial before you saw him and maybe bleached your arm hair. 
Amanda: Mother.

Maggie: This day was supposed to be about uter-us, not uter-you and your faire bear.
Brain: What did you call him?
Maggie: Faire bear. Is that offensive? Should I call him the hairy Guatemalan instead?
Brian: He's Dominican. And he's from Ohio.

Lulu: Nice shot, Katniss! The girl from The Hunger Games?
Delilah: Oh. I wasn't allowed to read books with female heroines. Or by female authors.
Lulu: Wow. No Judy Blume?
Delilah: Bible only. Unless I was on my period, then I was even forbidden to touch that. Oh, and my mom said that a tampon would take my virginity and no man would marry me and I'd go straight to hell. Also, seeing a PG-13 movie would send me to hell. Also, saying the word hell. Unless you were talking about hell. Then it was fine. That was super confusing for me.

Delilah: My parents said that I welcomed the devil when I got my period, which made me think the devil was into some really weird stuff.
Luu: My parents gave me uptight country clubs and tennis lessons and boarding school. And they were definitely into some weird stuff.

Lulu: Are you picturing your parents in the target? 
Delilah: No! That's awful. 
Lulu: Sorry.
Delilah: I'm picturing them as the arrows. The target is me.
Lulu: That is so much sadder.

Nick: Are you back to bingeing and purging?
Amanda: No. This is what lifting kegs affords you. This is my fourth carb load today and I haven't even cried about it.
Joanntha: Well, you will tomorrow when your ass is so big you could hatch the moon if you sat on it. I'm just saying.
Lexi: You can't sit on the moon. There's, like, no gravity there.

Joanntha: You are not going back to that godforsaken place.
Amanda: Of course I am.
Joanntha:: Oh, Amanda, stop. Stop with this foolishness. You belong here. With us. At home. Or within a few blocks. Just not too far east. It gets very ethnic around York.
Amanda: I'm going back tonight, Mother. I already told you that. I have a job.
Morgan: Do you have health insurance? Do you pay taxes? 
Amanda: No, but -
Morgan: That's not a job.
Nick: No, it it kind of is. I mean, -
Morgan: No, it's not, Nick, and neither are your stylist gigs or those comedic videos you put on your YouTube channel.
Nick: Being single and lonely and very alone and all alone has made you very mean, Morgan.

Dr. Bloom: Are you familiar with the term intervention?
Amanda: Omigawd, I went on one mini bender after the BJ incident. I think that I'm entitled. Gawd. Why does everyone think I'm an alcoholic?
Lexi: Only Morgan thinks that. Everyone else thinks you've been brainwashed by a cult.

Stick: If I sent you a cryptic message saying, "Save me," you wouldn't at least look into it?
David: Yes, but you're not a high-maintenance socialite prone to hysterics.
Stick: Don't ignore the signs, man. I had a friend who kept saying his parents wanted to send him away, and then they did. They nabbed him in the middle of the night, totally against his will.
David: Well, her family is trying to intervention her away from the faire. How far can they get with that?
Stick There's a reason why the rehab industry has become a big business.
David: Lack of government oversight?
Stick: Because they kidnap most of their patients.

Amanda: As I said before, it's not a cult. It's a community that values acceptance and love.
Joanntha: Are you hearing this? Cult speak.
Lexi: Are we completely off the alcoholic thing? Cause a drink would be really nice right now, but I don't want to be insensitive.

Breeze: This wifi sucks. I gotta post a video of that giant vagina getting beaten to death.
Stick: I feel like that's wrong.
Breeze: So wrong! That's why it's hilarious.

Breeze: Hi, Miss Maggie.
Maggie: Miss. Ms. Ms Maggie. Spinster. You know what that means?
Breeze: It sounds cool, like a deejay or something.

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While I understand that Amanda's family and friends are concerned because running off and joining the faire doesn't seem to fit with her old personality, but as David pointed, Amanda is an adult. No matter how much money her mother has spent on Amanda's college education and wedding, that doesn't give her the right to dictate how her daughter is going to live her life, especially since it seems that Amanda is not asking her to financially support her while she's at the faire.

I totally get being worried that someone you love is making bad decisions because I've seen people in my life do some really stupid self-destructive shit. But realistically, there is very little you can do to stop someone from doing most things. Unless they are doing something illegal or causing harm to themselves or others, there isn't much you can do besides trying to talk them out of it. That's about as effective as it was shown here, which is to say not at all. The only thing that really accomplishes is further pushing away the person who you're worried about. Unfortunately, as Stick pointed out, that's why the rehab industry and hardcore deprogramming businesses exist.

As far as Amanda is concerned, she isn't doing drugs, she is not prostituting herself/selling her worldly belongings/stealing from other people in order to finance her lifestyle, she's self-supporting aka not draining her trust fund or asking other people to give her money, and she isn't doing anything illegal. In my book, she's fine. Of course, being a tavern wench is not what her mother wanted for her but tough shit. My parents wanted me to be a doctor, but they've learned to live with that disappointment.

This episode gave us multiple examples of how parents screw up their kids. Brian's parents sent him to conversion camp. Delilah's parents wouldn't let her read anything but the Bible, believed that her period was a sinful shameful thing, and equated her value as a person as remaining a virgin so she could get married. Stick's friend's parents had their own child kidnapped. Breeze's mom embarrassed her with a huge period party. Amanda's mother constantly manipulates, insults, and guilt trips her daughters and makes them feel inadequate. I mean who doesn't love a mother who tells you that your ass is huge, you need a facial, and your arm hair needs to be bleached?

I don't think all parents are to blame for EVERYTHING, but it was interesting to see how so many people's parents' choices affected them. If not for some of the choices these parents made, half the faire employees might not be working there today.

Maggie is still awful, but for different reasons. Previously she was just very self centered and dismissive of Brian's issues. In this episode, she was possessive and jealous. This time around, she was deliberately petty because didn't want to share her BFF. I'm not saying she was right to be such a bitch to Juan Andrés, but I think she's had so many years of having Brian all to herself and that this change is not easy for her. That can be an adjustment for any BFFs, even when one of them isn't totally self absorbed. She is used to being the center of attention, both at work and in her friendship with Brian, so she is going to have to get used to not having him at her beck and call anymore.

I thought Brian bore a small part of responsibility too though. If he knows that her hysterectoversary is important enough to merit a cake and a celebration every year aka the equivalent of a birthday, he shouldn't have made plans with Juan Andrés for that day. If I had just started dating someone new, I'd much rather have them tell me, "I'd love to spend the day with you but it's a really important anniversary for my BFF and we always spend the day together celebrating. Can we throw pottery another day?" than to have this person make plans with me, flake on me, and then get passive aggressively taunted by said BFF when I committed the unspeakable sin of looking for my boyfriend when he didn't show up for our planned meeting.

I get the theoretical purpose of a period party, but adolescents are already so self conscious that I'm glad I didn't have one.

I understand why Shart was upset about being excluded, but sorry, dude. Your daughter is a teenager now so get used to feeling left out. Just because you love your daughter doesn't mean that you get to be a part of every single thing in her life. That's just the way it is. As for feeling like he's not part of the patriarchy, it may be true that he supports women (as he and Stick said) but if that's really true, then his support should extend to not insisting that he needed to be part of the period party. Just because you're a ______ ally doesn't mean you're actually a _______. There's nothing wrong with letting her celebrate this decidedly female occasion with, you know, females, and then having a separate dad/daughter thing later.

I hated that he bought her a smartphone for Breeze without even discussing it with Lulu. He was so concerned with being a cool dad that he made a huge parental decision on his own without any discussion about it. That's a pretty crappy thing to do.

I love that Nick and Lexi are totally fine with Amanda being at the faire. I think they showed up at the intervention just to see her, not because they actually think she needs to leave the faire. I really liked that Nick stuck up for Amanda when Morgan tried to say that working at the faire isn't a real job since she doesn't have health insurance. One of my first summer jobs was full time and I still didn't get health insurance, but that job was definitely real.

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David is becoming an unlikable character.  He is clearly in some kind of relationship with Callie, but he is hanging all over Amanda.  I don't know if he is just afraid that Amanda may return back to NYC and doesn't want to take the risk of losing Callie for someone that won't be around?  He doesn't even seem too interested in Callie, other than for sex.  He's being a dick to both of them, IMO.

I liked that Maggie reached out to Brian after realizing how horrible she treated him and his budding romance.  I think that new love overshadows the 11th hystero-versary.

Amanda's sister visiting was cute.  It was nice to see her lighten up a little bit.  I liked that she didn't run around going ewww, gross.  And good for her on getting some!  Maybe that will put her in a better mood for awhile!  It was sad to see that she is not happy in her marriage, but willing to choose being comfortable over happiness.  It sadly happens all too often, and there's no winner in those situations.

Maggie is really a spoiled queen.  I wonder how she is able to afford so many extravagances while everyone else goes without.  Does playing a queen really pay that much more?

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Amanda: They interventioned me like I was one of those people that eats Styrofoam or marries her chandelier.

Amanda: How did you find out where my mother lives?
David: Her address is on her Facebook profile. You should probably tell her that.

Lee: The damn [refrigerator] was humming yesterday so I tried to fix it, but apparently duct tape isn't a suitable replacement for a fan belt. Lesson learned. If anyone has a solution, I'm all ears.
Amanda: Well, why didn't you just call the repairman?
Lee: Oh, that's brilliant. I'll get on that as soon as I express the anal glands of my unicorn.

Stick: My insulin was in there.
David: You have more pens, right?
Stick: Yeah, they'll last me till tomorrow.
David: Do you have money for more?
Stick: I have a gift card to CB2.

Brian: This was all that was salvageable. We can coat the olives in crushed cereal, dip it in the fish sauce, and pretend we're on a cooking show with unqualified judges.
Juan Andrés: Or we can eat these all separately and do dinner in town - tomorrow, my treat.
Brian: Is it a date?
Juan Andrés: Maybe.
Brian: And will this be cocktail attire? Business casual?
Juan Andrés: Oh, it's dollar dozen wings at Nick's. You can literally go naked.

David: How can you hear us?
Amanda: Oh, there's no music in [my headphones]. I wear these so I can eavesdrop but still have a shield against talkers. You know, old ladies on a plane or that new steak on a stick girl. Ugh, we get it! You're in witness protection.

Amanda: So sperm? Why not just give blood?
David: Um, it hurts. Why do you have a fatwa against donating sperm?
Amanda: I don't. I think it's awesome to help create families. But aren't you worried that your kid's going to turn up at your doorstep in, like, 20 years, and be like,  "Help me, feed me, pay for college"? 
David: Eh, I don't really picture the future that way. Or at all. I kind of just live in the moment.
Amanda: Spoken like a man who wears cargos. And that moment was 1994.
David: They're the SUV of shorts. Don't be jealous.

Amanda: We definitely don't want to remove that stick from [Maggie's] ass. The other hundred up there would be so lonely.

Maggie: I am not judging some tacky Halloween competition, nor am I participating in a theme weekend! If I wanted to see a bunch of half-naked idiots eating meat pies, I would attend Natasha's next potluck orgy.
Natasha: It's on Tuesday, FYI.

Erin: I'll stay out of your hair. I brought my vape pen and the new Gillian Flynn about a girl on a trolley who witnesses a murder. Or did she?

David: Guys, I need you to be honest. What does this look like to you?
Stick: A man in his death throes.
Shart: A PSA for bath salts?
David: Is my face really that bad?
Shart: Well, not if you're trying to look like the kid from The Shining when he saw those dead twins.

Shart: It may take me a while to get going but if one of you could talk like Helen Mirren, that'd speed things up.

Nick: Please keep nudity to your bottom half.

Juan Andrés: Are my hands sweaty? I'm Latino so a slick sheen is as good as it gets.

Lil Boy: A bunch of us are going to bury the rotten food from the fridge and see how long it takes to start a fart fire.

Erin: First tier is fun while it's happening and you remember it that way too. Second tier fun is like this - crappy in the moment, but good for stories later.

Erin: I got catcalled by a poop emoji. I don't know if that's normal.

Amanda: Maggie, why aren't you in your costume?
Maggie: I am. We're supposed to be our favorite movie characters, right? I'm the girl in the rom-com who wears pants and a white shirt because I paint sometimes. And I'm clumsy.

Amanda: Maggie, they're asking for the queen.
Maggie: Queen? Which one? Amidala? Latifah?

Amanda: I know when a bitch is trying to deflect. Lest you forget I am schooled in reality television.

Erin: Guess which one [of us] is older?
Brian: All women look either 18 or 80 to me.

Erin: What's going on?
Amanda: His friend Maggie won't perform so we either have to project her hologram on the stage or I'm fired.
Erin: Wait, Maggie, she's the queen, right? Thin, flat feet, looks like she killed a man?
Brian: That's the one.
Erin: Okay, forensics debate, 2005. I tried out for the team thinking, you know, I could meet a cute guy with glasses but they all turned out to be ugly with glasses.

Amanda: What's that, do I hear? The pitter patter of hipster babies. Echelon and Latte. The names go both ways.

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S1.E7: The Tempest


When rain washes out the festival day, Amanda and David get to know each other better; Maggie revels in Amanda's failures; Brian wallows in his heartbreak; Delilah holds on to a secret.

S1.E8: Fairemily Matters


Amanda arranges for Brett to help Delilah, while David tries to figure out what he really wants; Maggie's frustration with the festival's changes makes her reconsider some old dreams; Brian and Helen form an unlikely bond.

Original air date: 6/30/19

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Maggie really needs to grow the hell up and get over herself. Pouting and messing up everyone day to "make a point" because she is annoyed that most everyone wanted to try something new that could make them the money they clearly need and she didnt want to is childish and petty, not some kind of meaningful strike for integrity. 

I hope that Juan Andrés really is a good guy and was just trying to make a sale with those guys, but I also thought him calling Brian out during his comedy routine was a really dickish thing to do. Brian not wanting to hold hands in public is probably a bit much, but if he isnt comfortable then trying to shame him into it instead of talking is a crappy thing to do. 

Amanda's sister at the fair was fun, I like how as Amanda gets more used to things there, her worlds are still blurring more, and I thought that the theme day looked fun. "The Spice Girls are cardiologists, and they're great tippers."

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15 hours ago, tennisgurl said:

Maggie really needs to grow the hell up and get over herself.

Maggie isn't working for me. The plot isn't enough.  I don't really care about her and she seems the "co lead" she is on screen so much. 

David is starting to act like an idiot. The first episodes he seemed more intelligent behind the silly boy act. But now it seems more silly boy. I thought eventually they were going to reveal that David was like Amanda -- former city guy -- but now I am starting to wonder if they have anything in common. 

They entire court storyline was spouting levels of insanity that took me out of it. They get their trial in a matter of days.  Amanda's big city lawyer also happens to practice family law?  Amanda's speech -- not under oath either -- wins the day? Really? 

I think Lifetime is burning this show off.. maybe that is a good thing as I am not sure they have the plot to sustain it. 

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David: So did they teach you project management at Vassar? Or did you also study at DeVry online?

Brian: First it's Shakespeare making fart jokes and next thing you know, you're sorority squatting with Ginger, Posh, and Sporty. What's next? I'll tell you what's next. Fondling subpar Russell Crowe lookalikes.

Maggie: We allowed too much change, all over the fairgrounds.
Brian: The vaping? Ugh. It's worse than the Bluetooth years.

Brian: I'm suffering. I need the healing energy of high fructose corn syrup to flow through me.

Woodruff: Peanut butter makes shrooms taste great!

Amanda: Never have I ever eaten catfish or been catfished or catfished anyone else. 
[David takes a drink]
Amanda: Which one is it? 
David: All three.

Brian: These 100 calorie snacks are bullshit.

Brian: I'll never find anyone as perfect.
Maggie: His back hair was up to his neck. Oh, gawd, of course you will. I hear there's a slew of single Skarsgards. And a new Hemsworth seems to pop up every day.
Brian: I don't want a Skarsgard. And you know as well as I do, there's no Hemsworth like the first one. They degenerate in quality with every copy.

Maggie: You are the scent of jasmine in the spring. Warm sand on bare feet. A perfectly delivered soliloquy following on a perfectly rapt audience. That man is a fool. A handsome one, yes, but a real schmuck to have let you get away.

Brian: I'm only going because I don't want to be alone.
Maggie: Why else do we do anything?

Rainee: I've been CrossFitting since it was called changing big rig tires in Jersey.

Areola: You know, that dude paid me 40 bucks to let him bench press our wine fridge. It was empty, but still.
Delilah: Fill it up, bet him he can't do it twice in a row. Double or nothing.

David: Never have ever read Fifty Shades of Grey and liked it. I should be drinking right now, but I'm afraid you'll run. 
Amanda: How very Christian Grey of you. 
David: See? I knew that you should be drinking with me.
Amanda: I'm not proud of it, but yes, I have read it. The writing was so terrible.

David: No eating mud, no matter how much it looks and feels like chocolate. Many brave, good-looking men have gone down that way. But, you know, you can play in it.

Amanda: Are you crazy? Mud wrestling? Seriously, this is some hardcore patriarchal bullshit!

Brian: I'm timid and petulant and probably a bunch of other things that I haven't even discovered yet. I think I might talk in my sleep. Oh, gawd. Do I talk in my sleep? Do I ever mention Justin Theroux?

Amanda: It's impossible to move in that stuff. How do you guys do it?
David: Have you not noticed that I'm, like, super ripped? Just shredded. I mean, muscles for days.

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S1.E9: You Can Always Trust Your Vaganya

Amanda and David are forced to take a corporate group around the Renaissance Festival together; Brian and Juan Andres double-date with Natasha, Phil and Stephen; Delilah manages her residual emotions from the trial. 

S1.E10: Faire Well

Amanda and David discuss plans for the future; Brian and Juan Andres help Maggie tape another audition; Delilah deals with the end of the faire season by honoring a dearly departed friend; the Rennies close out the faire season with a bang. 

Original air date: 7/7/19

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Darn, it's over. I really enjoyed this light summer faire. As a former dress-up frequent flyer at our local Ren Fest many, many years ago, I thought the whole series was a hoot! The way they burned it off, though, I don't have a lot of confidence it'll be back for a second season, but I hope it is.

I figured they were going to make Amanda QE from early on, but that's cool. I'm glad it went that way and she didn't pass on what she wanted to do to follow a guy. I love the character growth that occurred when they all rubbed off on each other and the relationships that grew. Just a really sweet, fun show. I think they can get at least one more summer out of this.

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Amanda: What is wrong with you? You attacked me with a melon baller yesterday.
Helen: Well, technically, I didn't attack you. I only tried to. 
Amanda: Keep talking. This'll be great for the restraining order.

Brett: My therapist says to acknowledge stupid things I say so that they'll feel heard and then leave my head. Hi, stupid thing. Bye, stupid thing. I hate you forever.

Sanjeep: I need people like you. All my girls are either super ethnic or very young, and you are neither of those things.

Maggie: I might have some sex appeal left in my bag of tricks. You know, I was once called the next Tawny Kitaen. 
Sanjeep: I have no idea who that is.

Lulu: For as much trash as there is in space, the odds of being killed by falling debris, are actually 1 in 5 billion, so it's probably not gonna happen. Although if it does, it's just proof that you're really special.

Breeze: We were talking about astronomy. Oh, okay. David: Well, Scorpios are bad. They'll key your car. Leos are meh. Cancers are what they sound like
Kid: That's astrology.
David: I know. They're related. Planets and stars.

Amanda: t says here that you do a washer wench show at the faire. What does that mean?
Delilah: Ah, that's simple, your honor. Me and my gal get the crowd sopping wet, then we give everyone a happy ending - especially the married folks.
Amanda: My scene partner and I put on a play based on Elizabethan culture that's not only entertaining but family-friendly as well.

Lulu: Your son is home schooled. What sort of things does he learn?
Delilah: Life skills, like how to swing an ax or how to make soup from ketchup packets. Oh, and he can identify counterfeit money on smell alone.

Delilah: I look like a villain on The View!

Delilah: You're blinking like a junkie.

Amanda: I do not have feelings for Brett.
Delilah: Fine. But for the record, he's not all that bad. I mean, the way you were talking about him, I thought he would come in with gnashing teeth and his penis a-swingin'.
Amanda: He has a lot of great qualities obviously. I was going to marry him. But he cheated. I don't think I could ever forgive that. Or at least I'm not supposed to.
Delilah: If you did everything you were supposed to do, you would never have come here.

David: Callie, you and I have had a lot of fun. But as my dad used to say when he dragged us out of Six Flags three hours early so that we could beat the traffic, fun ends.

Delilah's mother: Nice to see you again, Delilah. You look like a harlot.
Delilah: And you look like a doily made love to a grape.

Woman: : I don't know if Peyton should do jazz. It cuts into her soccer and ukulele.
Man: Same with Miles. He wants to do tennis, but how? Is he going to give up gardening? Calligraphy?
Helen: If you hold a carrot in your teeth, Lil Boy can slice it with a whip.

Brett: As you can see from the psychological evaluation, the therapist deemed Lil, uh, the child as healthy and happy. The faire, while unconventional, provides a natural environment that fosters outdoor play, creativity, and, frankly, an escape from the addictive technological trappings of the world.
Judge White: Oh, you don't have to tell me, counselor. My nephew shoots hookers on a video game and texts me acronyms I don't understand. I am all for kids climbing in trees.

David: Everyone in the faire looks out for each other, so the bonds are a lot like family.
Judge White: Are you married, Mr. Poland?
David: No. And I'm not in a relationship. I'm free to do whatever I want with whoever l want.
Judge White: Does that mean you're a gigolo?
David: What?!

Kid: What's wrong with your mouth?
Helen: God punished me for eating kids.

Lil Boy: That toilet was nice. It flushed by itself.
Helen: My niece says that's how they are in prison.

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A+ for using "Don't Cry Out Loud" which fit the running away with the circus/faire theme perfectly.

I'm no expert in family law, but why would the judge award joint physical custody to Delilah's parents? They didn't prove that Delilah was a neglectful, harmful, or irresponsible parent who was endangering her child in any way, so I don't understand why the judge would grant physical custody to Delilah's parents. I wish they had mentioned what Delilah does the other 42 weeks of the year when she isn't working at the faire.

Fun fact: Gillian Vigman, who played the judge, was the mom on Life Sentence (another light romantic comedy show) and Kim, Schmidt's boss on New Girl.

I like the show better when it focuses on the friendships between the characters rather than Amanda's romantic drama with Brett and David. I get why the stuff with Brett exists (they needed a reason for her to run off and join the faire, and I totally understand that even though she can't forgive him yet, she still has feelings for him) but I enjoy the other stuff a lot more. I did appreciate that Brett said he understood why she decided to stay at the faire and that he didn't try to pressure her into coming back to the city or reconciling with him.

Although Maggie can be quite a pill, I felt bad for her when she realized that going back to New York and carving out a career on the stage is not in the cards for her anymore. Sadly, actresses have a much shorter shelf life than actors. If you aren't already an established actress the chances of becoming a star (or even working steadily) are not great. So what does Maggie do the rest of the year when she isn't at the faire? I would have loved a flashback episode showing what everyone does during the off season.

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@ElectricBoogaloo: I’m pretty sure Delilah is one of the performers that moves around to various faires during the year. (The final scene was at a different faire than the one they had been at all season) It’s unclear if Maggie is normally queen at some of the other faires or if she does something else the rest of the year. 

As for the custody thing, some states allow grandparents to ask for visitation rights. Stating it as joint physical custody may have just been how the state they were in requires the judge’s order to be written. It may not necessarily mean 50/50 custody. It sounded like the judge said joint custody with terms negotiated later, meaning a visitation schedule. 

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On 7/8/2019 at 8:06 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I like the show better when it focuses on the friendships between the characters rather than Amanda's romantic drama with Brett and David. I get why the stuff with Brett exists (they needed a reason for her to run off and join the faire, and I totally understand that even though she can't forgive him yet, she still has feelings for him) but I enjoy the other stuff a lot more. I did appreciate that Brett said he understood why she decided to stay at the faire and that he didn't try to pressure her into coming back to the city or reconciling with him.

Nope this stuff annoyed the crud out of me. For any man to get a blow job on his wedding day is bad enough but to do it on the phone with his intended on the other end... do not make the other man a ROYAL .. blank in the first episode if you want to set up a triangle.  I can't believe that any woman with an ounce of self respect could ever ever ever even be friendly again with that, even she needed  a lawyer for something. If she went to him for help it would be like "you owe me".

I actually only liked one aspect of the show and recently it seems to have gone away: that is Amanda discovering there is this whole different side of herself that she likes better and finding that people at the fare were all really nice "salt of the earth" types that helped her along her journey. I am not saying they can't have side plots but so far they haven't been very compelling. IMHO. 

Even David is starting to grate on my nerves. I have to say that I liked the promise of this show but I am not sure it should get a second season. 

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Natasha: I just love tiramisu. I mean, it has everything - coffee, alcohol, cookies, cheese.
Phil: The four food groups.

Juan Andrés: I love this, our dessert. 
Brian: Call it by its name. 
Juan Andrés: Cake.
Brian: Millefoglie. 
Juan Andrés: Mille fog-lia. 
Brian: Millefoglie.
Juan Andrés: You're not saying the G though.
Brian: I know. We acknowledge the G and then we walk right past it.

Natasha: Restaurant math is the worst.

Delilah: Now remember, just because Eve ate the apple doesn't mean all women are evil. And Jesus may have had a couple of good ideas, but that doesn't mean everything he said was right. Oh, and don't forget that Christmas just happens to fall on the same day as the Winter Solstice every year. Coincidence? 
Lil Boy: Nope.
Delilah: Come here, my spiritually evolved little smartie. They keep Squirt and Funyuns in a cooler under the front porch.

Delilah: I burned all those old court summons. Summonses? Summons? I don't know. Anyway, I burned them. It felt good. 
Amanda: Right? I once did that with my boyfriend's A E Pi's T-shirt collection. Gawd, it was cleansing.

Delilah: Lil Boy's gonna be fine, right?
Amanda: More than fine, yeah. He's being exposed to another culture, like a summer abroad. Only instead of metropolitan Paris, he's in western Pennsylvania.

Vaganya: Have I ever failed you before?
Vaganya flashbacks: He's the love of your life. I see many children. Kajagoogoo! He's not gay. I like that Mark Fuhrman. A Palm Pilot. It's not cancer. A dog is like a child. He's gay. High colonics. Essential oils. CBD. There's no such thing as bisexual. Hillary Clinton!
Vaganya: You can always trust your Vaganya.

Lee: What's your schedule today?
Amanda: Pretend to be English, sell beer. Why?
Lee: Well, per your marketing suggestion, we have a corporate group coming in.
Amanda: Yay! See? I told you. The words "team building opportunity" can be used to justify almost any expense - massages, paintballing, orgasmic meditation.

Brian: Did you notice Stephen didn't even finish his branzino?
Juan Andrés: No. 
Brian: I did. I made a mental note as soon as he ordered it.
Juan Andrés: Why?
Brian: Because it's the most expensive thing on the menu. Who does that? 
Juan Andrés: People who like branzino? 
Brian: No, no. People who like branzino order it, eat it, and pay for it. People like Stephen order it, leave half, and get other people to pay for it.

Juan Andrés: You really like hitting the throuple part.
Brian: Well, it's the labradoodle of relationships. I mean, I get there are advantages, but it still feels artificial.

Amanda: Should we have a sign or something? Or would that make us look like limo drivers at JFK baggage claim? David: I'm pretty sure we don't look like limo drivers.
Amanda: I know that. I'm just saying, we don't know what they look like, and they don't know what we look like.
David: They're bourgeois workers. Look for khakis and polos. 
Amanda: They're not from Best Buy.

Maggie: José. I I want you to know how much I have enjoyed our time together this season.
José: Same, same.
Maggie: But also how much I regret using you, um, for taking from you without giving to you. I shared my bed, but never my heart.
José: Uh okay. 
Maggie: Do you love me? 
José: What?
Maggie: Do you love me, and do you want me to love you?
José: Oh, shit. You're pregnant? 
Maggie: No. 
José: I support your right to choose.
Maggie: No, José, I am not capable of having a child.
José: Oh, me neither.
Maggie: Physically capable.
José: Same. Plus mentally. 
Maggie: No, what I mean is -
José: I can drive you.
Maggie: Drive me where? 
José: To the clinic. 
Maggie: Clinic?
José: Yeah, to get an a-b-o?
Maggie: Ugh, José, no!
José: Okay, then, let's do it. You have it, and we'll raise it like it's ours. But can we name it Bear? I had a hamster named Bear.
Maggie: Oh, for God's sake, never mind! As you were.

Brian: We're seeing a movie, if that's what you were thinking.
Stephen: The new Nancy Meyers movie? What's it called?
Phil: "As Long As You're At It."
Natasha: How funny does Steve Martin look as Diane Keaton's son?

Sherl: I make my own barbecue sauces and everything.
Amanda: Really? What flavors?
Sherl: Oh, barbecue.

Amanda: So, Earth Hole - is that like an eco-conservation company?
Sherl: Uh, sort of. We use a hydraulic process to extract clean-burning gas and petroleum from shale.
Amanda: Cool. Wait, isn't that fracking?
Sherl: It's not-not fracking, but we don't call it that anymore.

Lulu: I can't find [Delilah] anywhere, and we still have a second show to do.
Shart: Well, don't worry. I'm sure she'll be there.
Lulu: That might be worse. I can't do it with her. I can't do it without her. What do I do?
Shart: Maybe it's time for that one-woman feminist piece you've been working on. 
Lulu: This audience isn't ready for "Me Too, Time's Up, You're It!"
Stick: You guys don't have understudies? 
Lulu: Do you? 
Stick: Touché.

Maggie: Brian! I love you.
Brian: Oh, dear. Maggie, we've been through this. 
Maggie: Not like that, you peacock. As a friend. 
Brian: Oh! Well, blessed be. I love you too - in that way. Where's this sudden affection coming from? Cause last time, it was a fifth of cinnamon schnapps and a heated debate about Rupert Everett.

Brian: Speaking of absurd, let me ask you something. Five people go to dinner. The check comes. Who pays?
Maggie: Is this a riddle? Someone dead, and it turns out they were standing on a block of ice? 
Brian: No. 
Maggie: Was the weapon an icicle? 
Brian: No, it's not a riddle. 
Maggie: Oh, good. I hate those things. Why should I be made to feel a fool because I can't think of an ice weapon?
Brian: Exactly. Oh, but here's a good one. What's small and brown and has a head and a tail, but no legs.
Maggie: Oof. I shudder to think.
Brian: A penny.
Maggie: Oh, that is good!

David: I can't believe I broke up with Callie for you.
Amanda: You can't put that on me. I didn't force you to break up with her.
David: Oh, no. You just backed off and then you made it clear that she was the reason.
Amanda: That's called having scruples.
David: Oh, scruples, right. I forgot that those and honesty were mutually exclusive.
Amanda: I was not being dishonest. I was taking things slow. 
David: With me or Brett?
Amanda: With you, you moron! Are you really this dumb?
David: I don't know. Are you really this immature?
Amanda: You play in the mud under the name Pizzle Humpsalot. We make out once and you go break up with your girlfriend. Your last real relationship was with a married high school teacher so you do not get to lecture me about maturity.

Brian: What is this term paper you would have me right? Does term mean terminal? Do you have the plague? Away with you! I must work on my new play, A Midsummer's Night Dream 2: Lysander's Revenge.

Juan Andrés: How many plays did Shakespeare write?
Brian: Thirty seven.
Juan Andrés: And somehow, you're more dramatic.
Brian: They forced my hand.
Juan Andrés: No, sweetie. You forced your hand. All you had to say was "Maybe some other time, we have plans."
Brian: Propriety in the face of impropriety has never worked for me.
Juan Andrés: So you've tried it?
Brian: My whole life, bottling up my feelings to spare others theirs and still being taken advantage of. And it sucked. Fine, so I'm dramatic. So what? Most of the time, I also happen to be right.
Juan Andrés: Why, what is pomp, rule, reign, but earth and dust? And, live we how we can, yet die we must.
Brian: Are you quoting me to me?
Juan Andrés: We get one go-around, Brian. You want to spend it enjoying food, friends, and movies? Or you want to spend it penciling out who had the branzino? -
Brian: The first one.

Alden: Mud guy, right?
David: Big plastic balls guy, right?
Alden: I prefer "Guy who owns the Orbs of Fury Attraction," but yeah. Alden. 
David: Cheers. David. You make good money, shoving kids in those things and letting them roll around?
Alden: I do all right. What about you? You make good money doing mud stuff?
David: Good money? No.

Amanda: Just because you go to one awesome show, it doesn't mean you have to follow the band around the whole country, you know?
Maggie: Oh, gawd, do I. Three words Bell Biv Devoe.

David: It looks like [Sherl] like likes you.
Amanda: Well, I'm likeable. It's nice. You don't get punched as much.
David: What, so I'm not likeable?
Amanda: No, you're very likeable, but in a punchable kind of way. A likeable, punchable mudbeggar. Triple threat.

David: I have been thinking about what you said. Maybe it is time to grow up. Maybe I should-
Amanda: Go to law school.
David: What? No. Diversify. Like I was gonna buy a game or a booth or something. I don't know. Why would I go to law school?
Amanda: No, you wouldn't. I just thought - where I come from, that's what people do when they give up on their dreams.

Amanda: [Callie and Leaf are] getting married? How long have they known each other?
David: Probably long enough to discuss everything they both know about anything.
Amanda: So like a day maybe?
David: Roughly.
Amanda: We're mean
David: I'm mean. You're likeable.

Alden: Hey, mud guy.
David: Hey, balls guy. Uhh, so how much for a franchise?
Alden: If you have to ask, you can't afford it. I'm kidding. Five grand. For that you own it, operate it, and get full legal use of the name Orbs of Fury. 
David: Five grand, huh?
Alden: Plus suffocation insurance.

Vaganya: The moon. This tells of a truth you hide, even from yourself.
Helen: Why does the moon mean that?
Vaganya: Because each day, it hides from us.
Helen: Each night, the sun hides. Do the sun and the moon mean the same thing?

Maggie: You're a fraud - an old woman in a costume putting on an accent, pretending to possess a power she doesn't really have.
Vaganya: Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot. People see what they want to see, believe what they want to believe, and hear what they want to hear or need to hear. There are only seven stories in the world. Why should yours be unique?

Stick: And so by performing as Griselda I was not only able to access my feminine side, I was also untethered from the self-imposed vocabulary restrictions established by the character of Stick.
Shart: Dude. All I said was, "That was fun, wasn't it?"

Amanda: This is where I slept the first night.
David: This is where I sleep every night.
Amanda: Why are you being competitive about sleeping?

Juan Andrés: I'm proud of you.
Brian: Don't be.
Juan Andrés: No, I am. This is hard for you.
Brian: Well, you showed me the way. We eat. They eat. We pay half. They pay half. It's a numbers game.
Juan Andrés: What? No. It's about letting go of the numbers.
Brian: You say potato, I say truffle potato.
Waitress: And what can I bring you?
Brian: Yes. I will have the blue crab cocktail, the lobster mac and cheese. That sounds good. Umm, the porterhouse for two, oh, with a side of the foie gras. I am so hungry!

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While I understand David being hurt and upset that Amanda deliberately didn't tell him that Delilah's lawyer was her ex, I rolled my eyes when he yelled at her because he broke up with Callie for her. Yes, it's so terrible that she didn't want to get involved with someone who already had a girlfriend. Seriously, dude. The fact that you are okay with having feelings for someone else and making out with said person when you already have a girlfriend says more about you than it does about Amanda.

I was partly on Brian's side about the whole throuple thing. It reminded me of that Friends episode where Ross, Monica, and Chandler always wanted to spend money and Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey were broke. Now that I'm an adult with a full time job, I'm totally fine with splitting the check when I go out to eat with other people because I don't need to nickel and dime over every little thing on the bill, but when I was a broke college student I always made sure that I had enough money to pay for what I ordered (not how much everyone else was ordering). 

I'm pretty sure that no one at the faire is making a ton of money so they need to be a little more fiscally conservative. And since Brian/Juan Andrés and the throuple seem to be going out together frequently, I can understand why Brian would not want to have this turn into a long term thing where he is paying more every time they leave the faire to go eat (as opposed to a one time thing when someone comes to visit and you don't see them again for a year).

At the same time, Brian did not handle the situation well at all. As Juan Andrés pointed out after the movie discussion, all he had to say was, "Maybe another time," and leave it at that (to be fair, I've been in a similar position where I mention that Mr. EB and I are going to do something and someone decides to invite themselves along - I don't mind if they come with us but I would mind if they invited themselves and then tried to change what we were doing).

But this is why I think that Juan Andrés is a good influence on Brian. Brian isn't a terrible person but I think he often has a difficult time expressing himself. He holds things in and lets them build up and then he gets snippy (or as they said on Seinfeld - serenity now, insanity later). Having someone else point out that (1) it's not a big deal and (2) there's a nicer way to deal with is something that's going to help Brian become a better friend in general, not just with the throuple. I get where he's coming from though - when he talked about how he's tried being bottling up his feelings and being polite to accommodate others and then being taken advantage of, I understood why he reacted the way he did. But again, that just makes me glad he has someone like Juan Andrés in his life to gently guide him away from that initial reaction.

Poor Delilah. It's totally normal for parents to miss their kids and I'd bet this is the first time she and Lil Boy have been separated so it's even harder. On top of that, knowing how judgmental her parents were with her, I can't blame her for being worried about letting Lil Boy spend time with them. I'd be afraid he would come back yelling about harlots and hellfire.

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Amanda: "Water balls"?  Please tell me that's not a doctor's note.
David: It's about the Orbs of Fury. They're like big, uh water balls. Look, it's shorthand, okay? I bought a franchise. 
Amanda: What about mud?
David: Oh, I'm still doing mud. Mud and balls. I'm now Mr. Mud Balls.
Amanda: And just when you started talking like a grown up.

David: Things about the Simi Faire that are awesome include Shart bragging about a base tan, getting fried, and us winning bets. Group trips to Disneyland and Delilah OD'ing on Dole Whips, bigger crowds than the Royal, bigger tips than the Royal. Also, me. And you haven't lived until you have tasted sixteenth century churros.

Seen on the ride share board:
Ride needed to Simi Renaissance Festival
1 passenger with 1 suitcase
Exquisite conversationalist, excellent musician, minimal farting, will split gas and food en route
Taffy Jinglefinger

Lee: We have Bo and Jenny's wedding coming up, so all hands on deck.
Delilah: Are you going to book a stripper to officiate this wedding too?

Brian: Speaking of shared props, I would love to not be the only one responsible for transporting all of them to Simi this year.
Maggie: And I would love to drive something other than a 1999 Toyota Tercel, but God only gives us what we can handle, right?

Jenny: Did you get the fabric from the kilt guy?
Bo: I did.
Amanda: Who?
Bo: Oh, we want to incorporate a little of my Scottish heritage into the wedding. 
Amanda: You're Scottish? 
Bo: 12%. I just did my DNA.
Jenny: His yarmulke's going to be the tartan of Clan MacDonald.
Bo: Also 17% Ashkenazi Jew. 
Amanda: Mazel!

Alden: When you bought in, I told you two things about water balls.
David: Keep the pool full and that people run out of oxygen after 10 minutes?
Alden: Okay, four things.

David: I had such big dreams - pinball machine, island off the coast of France, some stuff in the middle.

David: Tell Joanntha that her new clutch is fetching. I mean, I'm just assuming.

Joantha: Remi wants another yogurt. I told her she was getting chunky.

Joantha: Oh, Mandy, my love. I'm going to be at a benefit when you get home, but I got you an appointment with Uncle Gary's second wife. She's a headhunter. I told her you have a terrible resume but a sparkling personality. She suggested real estate.
Erin: Uncle Gary's second wife is in prison.
Joantha: I meant Uncle Larry.

Shart: How's this?
Stick: The size is good. The color, ugh. Hot pink has no meaning in Buddhism.
Shart: So you're asking me to find a more Buddhist shoe box for your possum funeral?

Brian: I was in the chorus of A Chorus Line at a dinner theater once. The signature dish was the Singularly Sensation.

Maggie: While I know you don't love Alicia-
Brian: I don't love raisin bagels. I despise Alicia.

Areola: I only work this faire. The rest of the year, I teach special ed in Cooperstown. 
Amanda: Oh, really? 
Areola: Yep. It gets awkward when students show up and stick ones down my cleavage. What are you gonna do [in Raleight]?
Amanda: David has this great opportunity with the Orbs?
Areola: Was that a question or a statement?
Amanda: Shameless millennial upspeak?

Brian: Are these slacks too big? Or have I been wearing tights too long?

Amanda: So this is goodbye then.
Maggie: Oh, I don't do goodbyes. I prefer to disappear in the middle of the night. 
Amanda: The Irish goodbye. 
Maggie: The French exit.
Amanda: Ghosting.
Maggie: I guess every culture has a name for avoiding prolonged interaction at the end of the gathering.

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I'm glad that everyone got a happy ending. If this was it for the show, I'm satisfied with where everyone ended up. It was nice to see Amanda and Brett get some closure and move on. And I really liked that Amanda decided to stay with the main crew and go to Simi instead of tagging along with David to Raleigh. But I'm also glad that David took a step forward and went through with the franchise. There is nothing wrong with just working at the faire, but he's starting to think about the future, which is a good thing

I'm glad Delilah and Stick became friends. They are both kind people so it makes sense that they would bond if given the chance to interact one on one. Although I know she was projecting about the end of the faire and missing her son, I still really felt for her when she talked about how Rat Cat didn't get one last good day because I felt the same way when my dog died. I had always assumed that whenever it was his time to go, the family would take him to the vet and we would all gather around to pet him and tell him how much we loved him as he peacefully slipped away. Instead, we got a phone call from the vet saying that he wouldn't be around much longer and when I went downstairs to check on him, he was already gone. I felt incredibly guilty that he died alone and even more so because I was at home when it happened. If I had known, I would have been there with him.

As unlikely as it is that Maggie would get her big break in a chorus part in her mid-40s, I was still happy for her. I did roll my eyes a tiny bit when she got offended that Brian's initial reaction wasn't to jump up and down for her. She couldn't even handle sharing Brian's time and attention with Juan Andrés when they started dating a few weeks ago, but she expected Brian to be thrilled that she was leaving the faire. Typical Maggie. I'm still sad that Brian has been a far kinder friend to her than she has to him. But yay for getting to hear Rory O'Malley sing! I saw him when he played King George in Hamilton and he was so fun.

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I forgot to add how much I loved that Bo and Jenny love the faire SO MUCH that they got married there. And A+ for using an instrumental version of More Than Words at the wedding! In a weird coincidence, The Handmaid's Tale used an instrumental version of the same song the same week that this episode aired!

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On 7/18/2019 at 6:14 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I forgot to add how much I loved that Bo and Jenny love the faire SO MUCH that they got married there.

I love their love for the faire so much, they are such couple goals! One thing that I really like about the show (among many other things) is how much it celebrates the quirky things that people enjoy and tells them its ok to embrace them, no matter how silly it might look to outsiders. 

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