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Not Getting Any Younger... Unspoiled Spec

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32 minutes ago, Court said:

The revelation best be Diana finally finding out Liza's age!

I agree, although part of me is imagining that she finds out something less shocking (like that Liza has been married) and she runs around the office freaking out that while Charles, Kelsey, and Liza look on and have silent conversations that consist of constipated facial expressions.

Wait, does Diana know that Liza and Charles are dating? I can't remember. I hope that isn't the revelation. I want Diana to know that Liza is her age!

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In the trailer for the season there is a bit where Liza lets everyone know that


she is the assistant Charles has an affair with

- so I bet it'll be that. But they really can't put off telling Diana about Liza's age any longer either.

That baby better be Josh's!

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