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I couldn't see a topic for this and wondered if anyone else is watching it.


Set in the French Riviera, the series follows Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles), an American art curator whose life is turned upside down after the death of her billionaire husband Constantine Clios (Anthony LaPaglia) in a yacht accident. Georgina becomes immersed in a world of lies, double-dealing and crime, as she seeks to uncover the truth about her husband's death.

This show is mind-blowingly, mesmerizingly awful but has somehow managed to become the highest-rated show ever on its home network Sky Atlantic in the UK. It airs in the US on something called Ovation which I've never heard of. Neil Jordan gets a "created by" credit, even though he disowned it before it aired after his "original darker version" was "reworked" by others and by "reworked" I mean "allowed to chew through its restraints and run off screaming into a dark night of complete and utter insanity".

It's a British-French co-production and also costs an absolute fortune to make and looks fantastic. 

Basically (as above) it focuses on Georgina Clios who is supposed to be vital, passionate, caring and intelligent but is actually morose, annoying, devoid of any personality whatsoever and so dim she doesn't notice when a secret room is built in the middle of her house, plus her dead older husband's family of Eurotrash one-percenter cliches. The kids are eldest son Christos (Dimitri Leonidas), a cokehead wastrel playboy who is secretly just desperate for his daddy's approval, middle child Adam (Iwan Rheon), a sensitive soul who pours scorn on his family's wealth and their materialistic lifestyle while longing for the life of a poet (albeit a terrible one who keeps using the family cash to pay for his luxury poet's loft) and emotional basketcase teen daughter Adriana (Roxane Duran) who self-harms and gets into a soft-focus, scandalous-in-1997 threeway relationship with her best friend and the gardener. There's also the first Mrs Clios, Irina (Lena Olin who plays the part with her eyes closed but is still the best thing in the show). 

Season one's completely unintelligible plot involved art fraud, yachts, the Russian Mafia, money, mansions, terrible writing, more money, murders, atrocious acting and directing, art forgery, approximately 4,500 couture outfits and a highly memorable scene where Georgina expresses rage and frustration by whacking a shampoo bottle off a shelf at a luxury day spa. Season two has just started and encompasses murder, more yachts, an art installation involving an apparent suicide, characters coming back from the dead and a scene where Adriana and her new love interest flirt by smashing vases and knocking over suits of armor. They've also added Juliet Stevenson, Poppy Delevigne and most bizarrely, Will Arnett to the cast. 

It is highly recommended for anyone who thinks Melrose Place played it too safe. (Although it does take itself incredibly seriously.)

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Yeah, I've been watching it from the beginning and have long wondered why there wasn't a forum for it here. (There isn't one on reddit either.) It has really run under the radar.

It does look gorgeous, with the local scenery, the centuries old estates, and the couture clothing. Exceptional production values.

I continue to be amused at how long Anthony LaPaglia has made a career out of playing Italians or characters who are vaguely European. And Will Arnett was a surprise. I'm having a hard time taking his role seriously because every time he speaks I expect him to say, "I'm Batman."

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We watched all of the first season and really enjoyed it.  I'm also surprised there was so little activity in the forums here.

Unfortunately for me at least, according to the front page here, season two will be moving to Sundance Now, a paid streaming site.   Hope that turns out not to be true, but it probably is.   Bummer.  I like the show but not enough to subscribe to a paid service just to watch it.  I don't like streaming as much as TV anyway - can't DVR anything, for one.

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