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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] Quotes within quotes

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I apologize if I am overlooking the answer to this somewhere, but I've read the FAQ on quoting,  but I don't see how to do a quote within a quote. I know it's possible because I see others doing it quite often. Also, how do I add a quote to a post of mine that I'm editing? When I go to edit a post and hit the quote button on whomever i'm trying to quote, I just get a new response box open below the post that I'm editing.

Thanks in advance.

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Adding a post because reasons.



Posting, posting, posting

Keep those Mods a-posting

Posting, posting, posting

For Silver! 

To add a quote to an existing post; quote it without attribution like I've done here. 

To do that click on the quote mark button in the editor and then copy/paste the text in that you wish to quote. If you want the person you're quoting to be notified you can @mention them as I've done here.

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15 hours ago, Giuseppe said:

how to do a quote within a quote

3 hours ago, aquarian1 said:

Posting for Silver to test things.  Also adding quote box.

3 hours ago, dubbel zout said:

Adding another post because Silver asked.

I assume you mean this^. The way I do it is to highlight the entire post then hit 'Quote selection' which pops up and the above is the result. I'll address your next question in the next post.

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