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Trinkets premieres June 14


When three teenage girls from different corners of the high school cafeteria find themselves in the same mandated Shoplifter's Anonymous meeting, an unlikely friendship forms. Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand, Deadpool) - the grieving misfit, Moe (Kiana Madeira, The Flash) - the mysterious outsider, and Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell) - the imperfect picture of perfection, will find strength in each other as they negotiate family issues, high school drama and the complicated dilemma of trying to fit in while longing to break out.

Trinkets is based on the young adult novel by Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith, who serves as an executive producer.

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I like this show, but the acting seems to be getting worse at some points near the end.  It also seems weird that since it was established that the girls are 16-17, most of the love interests are in their mid 20's.

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I started watching this on a whim last night as something to fall asleep too. Bit then I stayed up until 4 am watching it. I loved it! 

The older love interests I also found somewhat odd but I went with it

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Let me start by saying I am enjoying the show so far.

I went to the drama forum to look for this show so colour me surprised that it was in the comedy forums.  Yes, it has funny moments but other than the run time I would not describe this show as a comedy??  

No complaints so far....will watch more tonight!

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EPISODE 1: I liked that it was relatively colorful. So many shows are so DREARY now. They either have that overexposed, bleached/washed out look or they're dark and moody. The whole show doesn't look great but I think it's a choice because the shoplifting sequences are what bring the characters joy and like that transition in The Wizard of Oz or The Secret Garden, that's when we get all the color and vibrancy.

Elodie is giving me a more androgynous Winona Ryder vibe. Just physically, I mean. She hasn't shown nearly the same charisma yet. 

Tabitha, the popular one, is unnecessarily mean. Like, she's going out of her way to be mean to Elodie. I get that she and other one have baggage but I thought we'd crossed over into not having popular characters who were mean to everyone for no reason and still somehow had friends. Also, they're throwing every cliche in the book at her. Social media validation, abusive boyfriend, popular pretty girl who wants to be more than her appearance... They're going to have to cool it on the after school special/Degrassi vibes or else give it all way more depth for it to be compelling.

The cute boy from the klepto anon meeting has to be a future love interest, right? You don't introduce a boy with beautiful eyes and a flirty smile on a teen show if it doesn't pay off at some point. 

Which reminds me, there were a lot of people at that meeting. How many kleptos live in that area of Portland?

The shoplifting game sequence was fun but wouldn't they notice the $400 necklace was missing and check the security cameras and immediately catch Elodie? I mean, she wasn't that subtle. She knocked over something, stepped behind the display, reached into the case, and later you can see her throw the scarf on the backpack and cause the distraction. Unless they don't have cameras or the cameras they have are terrible, I feel like you'd definitely notice her when you reviewed the tapes. 

I feel like this was a solid pilot. I pretty much get Elodie's deal and the door is open to learn about the other characters.

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I did think that it was kind of weird that both Elodie and Tabitha both had older love interests. Better than Tabitha's mustache twirlingly abusive boyfriend though. 

I thought this was pretty good, I liked the characters for the most part, and the whole thing about the main characters all coming together through shop lifting was interesting. I kind of wish they had gotten more into that and how they deal with their lifting addictions, but maybe thats for later seasons. 

I thought that Elodie was pretty harsh with her dad and step mom, they were clearly really trying to reach out to her and she hardly gave them an inch until the end, before she ran away. I mean, thats certainly not going to make them think she is less of a troubled teen! She did go through a lot in a short amount of time though, so I can cut her some slack. 

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EPISODE 2: I rolled my eyes at Moe secretly having good grades. I came for an interesting show, not typical teen show tropes. Also, they better explain her inexplicably choosing this secret FWB situation at some point.

"Aw, man, are those pomegranate seeds?" might be the most nonsense line I've ever heard from an abusive boyfriend character on a tv show.

I think Elodie and Luca have decent chemistry except she looks like a child and he looks like an adult man. Same thing with Tabitha except they don't have chemistry because she's pretty dull. Like, as an actress, she's not very good at reacting.

The botched jacket sale was lame and nonsensical. Why would someone go to that effort to meet her and try to steal the jacket like that? The likelihood they'd get away with it is so low.

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EPISODE 3: Why is Tabitha with her terrible boyfriend? The school doesn't seem that cliquish. He doesn't seem particularly more popular than anyone else. It's not like she's an outsider and would drop down the social ladder without him. She's rich and popular and her family seems privileged. And he's not scary enough that she seems to think he'd be dangerous if she broke up with him. 

AJ is a weird caricature but aside from Elodie he's the most realistic character we've met so far. That's sad.

Sex toy stores should have video cameras. I don't buy that they could take things right out of a display case unnoticed.

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EPISODE 4: How many more episodes of "Brady is a terrible boyfriend in every way" are we going to get before she dumps him?

I wish we got more of Elodie's relationship to stealing because her kleptomania is the most like a mental illness and thus the most compelling. The others seem to do it for the hell of it.

I know her mom doesn't know that Brady is abusive because of writing contrivances where everyone just talks around the secret but still, that's horrible advice. She clearly doesn't WANT to be with him. Why push them together?

Elodie's baby lesbian energy is adorable. She's like a newborn fawn. It's so awkward and precious.

Chekhov's watch. I thought someone would just steal it from the car while they were gone. I didn't predict the breakup so I didn't foresee Brady doing anything.

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EPISODE 5: Oh, turns out it wasn't about the watch. She just turned 17. How does that work with distribution of child pornography laws in Oregon?

Why wouldn't Moe just date Noah openly? He seems nice. And it's not any more fair to him to make him have a secret relationship just because he's popular.

I love his AJ and his 80's smokey eyes.

Well, I'm glad they finally gave Tabitha an acting moment though I still think her best moments are isolated. She's not good at reacting to other people in a scene with her. 

So now they have a secret. Is this a soap opera thing or a thing with Netflix shows. I just watched Insatiable. Lots of pushing cars into bodies of water.

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EPISODE 6: I thought the teacher might see the photos and ask questions and be sympathetic but we're obviously in a world where parents are useless or actively bad.

Moe is being irrational about Noah not texting her back DURING THE SCHOOL DAY but she's a teenager so she's allowed to be irrational in a crisis where she's pretty focused on herself.

I liked the Sabine music. At first I thought this show was some weird music commercial but if she's Luca's roommate, she must be a recurring character.

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EPISODE 7: I know it's Portland but does Sabine dress like a disco vampire and why do her drug peddling friends look like they stepped out of The Craft?

I'm disappointed in the look of the show/direction lately. A drug sequence was a perfect opportunity to change it up. It looked as cheap and dull as usual.

I'm down for TV teenagers doing dumb things with other teenagers but not with adults. I'm glad Moe stopped at just making out with that guy.

The ending was a real weird revelation.

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EPISODE 8: Based on the picture they're painting of this magical cool person who is also kind of self-involved and not as chill as they seem on the surface, I don't think Sabine is hanging around for long. 

Yeah, Moe is definitely the most well-adjusted of the three. She's not a bad actress but there's something about her that gives me the vibe of a more typical child/teen actor. Like Degrassi or Pretty Little Liars or something Disney but whatever ABC Family is called these days.

Again, Moe is entitled to her feelings. Noah hooking up with someone else was shitty. It was good that he was honest. But she's also allowed to break up. Again, teens. I don't expect them to be mature and rational.

Luca has a cute smile but everything in his backstory/that he's said (left home early, toxic relationship with Sabine, chaotic life, etc.) implies mysterious bad boy. So I have no idea how to feel about him as a character. Also, there's still the whole adult vs. child thing.

I love Tabitha being firm on her boundaries with Brady but if her mom doesn't stop at some point... like, she's actively being a bad parent at this point. Even if she doesn't know about the abuse, this is NOT okay. Inviting an abusive ex into the house is particularly bad but it would also be bad if she undermined any of her daughter's other decisions. 

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EPISODE 9: I'm not ready to forgive Tabitha's mom until she says sorry for repeatedly trying to get Brady back in her life.

He's a little boy, not a puppy. Spencer might be TSTL if he got wandered away like that. What child wanders in the dark into the depths of a ride (how did he even get in there, it's not like it was open like a carousel?) and traps himself with the seat belt? 

I know Brady is a threat. But I don't get exactly how yet. I guess now he knows the three of them hang out and that Tabitha has a new boyfriend? None of that says... these three girls stole my car and pushed it into a lake, though.

I 100% forgot who Paula was.

It does not even make sense that Spencer would be playing with Elodie's stash. Maybe they should have cast a younger child. Because he's old enough to know better. Look, all I'm saying is if suddenly dies before next season, I won't be heartbroken.

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EPISODE 10: The adult/child thing is still weird but Sabine and Elodie sound good together.

Wow, now Brady's a detective? But also still a massive asshole. "It's a little slutty to already have a new boyfriend, don't you think?" "Well, I don't think you're smart enough to pull it off all by yourself." My God, the writing for this character is the opposite of subtle. If this was Insatiable or How to Get Away With Murder, he'd be dead in a ditch already. 

Are we ever going to discuss Tabitha's weird writing on mirrors with lipstick thing?

Elodie trying to take the fall for the three of them to protect Tabby is one thing but I am ALL ABOUT Moe just punching him. He deserves it. Also, I love that they didn't have her dance around it and she just told Noah that Brady abuses Tabitha. It needed to be said to someone outside their circle.

Hell, speaking of witches, if this was Charmed, Brady would be some kind of warlock or demon and we could be done with him.

Ugh. I am so down for plot anvils falling from the sky and killing both Brady and Spencer.

A phone seems like a good way to track someone...

Why is Tabitha's mom finally over Brady?

I knew Moe's admission to the study abroad was going to get revoked to keep her on the show but I'm still a little sad for her. They could have just skipped that semester and picked up the show after she got back.

Sabine is probably not around forever but otherwise I support this lesbian romantic adventure. 

Moe becoming a shoplifter feels like a weird out of nowhere turn. Like punching Brady. Like, they could have just written her as this character to begin with instead of having her secret academic success and secret boyfriend. I don't know what we got out of all the secrets.

I liked the show. I will be back if there's a season 2. But it's not amazing to me yet. It was more of an easy watch. If these were hour long episodes, I don't know if I would have powered through.

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On 6/25/2019 at 7:34 PM, aradia22 said:

Again, Moe is entitled to her feelings. Noah hooking up with someone else was shitty. It was good that he was honest. But she's also allowed to break up. Again, teens. I don't expect them to be mature and rational.

I thought Moe was a bitch for what she did to Noah.  First she doesn't want to have a relationship with him, she just wants sex.  Then she gets upset that he hooks up with someone else?  Moe should go to Korea and stay there.

Tabatha is a bitch too.  The reason her mom kept pushing Brady on her was because Tabatha didn't OPEN HER DAMN MOUTH and tell her mother that Brady was abusive.  I mean, her mom wasn't a mind reader.  And then to blurt out, "No wonder dad cheated on you," and then left?  Pure bitch.  

My problem with this show is the "crime."  They're treating it like the three committed murder instead of, what amounts to a stupid prank.  When you think of all the shit that happens in this country, what they did was pretty lame IMO.

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57 minutes ago, CaliforniaLove said:

Omg, it took me a minute too! Macaulay Culkin turning 40 did not make me feel old...THAT made me feel old.

Anyway, just finished. Loved it!

For real!  I had the biggest crush on Andrew Keegan back in the 90s.  

I just finished the episodes as well.  I really loved this show and am sad that it won't be back for additional seasons. 

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I knew I recognized him from somewhere but I couldn't quite place him. Andrew Keegan! I hadn't thought about him in ages.

I was disappointed when I remembered these episodes were only a half hour each; it was a quick binge! I thought these final episodes tied things up nicely, although some of the resolutions felt rushed (e.g., Tabitha dumped Ben almost immediately after getting Moe's blessing, and Jillian got over not wanting to deal with Elodie's addiction incredibly quickly). I'm glad they got to write a satisfying ending for the series, though.

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My only complaint was that the episodes were so short that it was really easy to finish this whole season, and that this is the end of the show, I would love another season or two! I am glad that they managed to at least wrap everything up and give everyone a happy ending, and that they could write a satisfying ending. 

One of the big complaints about the end of last season was the ending with Elodie running off with an older artist and how that seemed to be a recipe for disaster, so I am glad that the show started the season acknowledging exactly that, and she went home pretty quickly realizing what a bad idea this was. In general, I am glad that they backed off on giving the girls these older love interests, with I guess the exception of Tabitha and Ben, but I feel like he was probably only a year or two older from what they were saying, and has known him for years, and she didn't even end up with him, deciding to focus on herself, which is probably for the best for now. 

I loved this season, even more thyan the first season, and while I am sad that this is the end of the show, I am glad that we ended on a high note. 

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