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S14.E01: Auditions 1

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On 5/29/2019 at 1:27 AM, Juneau Gal said:

Here we go with the overblown tongue baths of the judges towards moderately talented people. Its tiresome and boring. And worst of all, I find it somewhat demeaning, for both the act and the audience.

I guess maybe I am just tired of this whole format. Tired of comedians no funnier than the average person at a party. Tired of huge dance groups throwing the smallest members all around the stage. Tired of singing children. Tired of tragic or difficult backstories that are suppose to awe and inspire. Tired of one trick ponies like the Human Fuse, who flat out told the judges that's all he could do, there was nothing else. Tired of whatever Gingzilla's act is; and I love a good drag queen/king. Tired of the conceit that we are seeing an audition day or weekend when the judges have different hair and clothing after each commercial. Tired of whatever the hell it is Simon is doing to his face via Botox and fillers. And especially tired of the complete certainty that when we get to the final 12, over half of them will be singers, most of whom will have been on other TV competitions but still persist in acting like they have never sung in front of an audition before.

Clearly this show has made me a bit pissy. It used to be my fun summer viewing, but now it is so fake and over-manipulated. 

After reviewing the comments, I think this take easily covers all the bases.

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On 6/1/2019 at 11:35 PM, SG11 said:

I had just noted that I was glad we weren’t treated to another act that was anointed and chosen to be a Finalist no matter how bad they were like the insufferable Precher Lawson. They we got Jackie Fabulous or whatever her name was. Not remotely funny, lasted about 30 seconds, At least her material wasn’t insulting pander like Lawson. Maybe she will get better.

The dance act, zzzz. The only thing worse than the poor country dance act BS is the huge kiddie dance aka dance recital complete with kids not doing anything. Or, the massive choir propped up by diversity and poverty and goodness and light and 50 other people. Ugh.

Young Bullied Girl with kitschy cool voice was a poor Grace Vanderwal imitation and Somin says she’s different. No, she’s yet another one.

The worst thing was the awful preening and greatest thing ever comments and my life is changed after hearing you lies. They absolutely minimize and insult and disrespect the handful of great act that do show up with this overblown, over the top comments on so many mediocre acts. It makes all their comments have less value.

I watched all of Preacher's performances a few days ago; he had some funny material, but he used the usual exaggerated black woman sass thing as a crutch, which is what Jackie also did, although Jackie had zero funny jokes, so there's a difference. I have a hard time believing Jackie will get better, because most of these comedy acts say they have been doing stand up for years; there shouldn't be any excuse for delivering shit, despite all the audience plants eating it up. This show's stand up acts really help me question the idea of humor being subjective, since I'm sure the better part of the collective would agree that an act like hers' helps us temporarily stand in the shoes of someone with facial paralysis.

I recall Grace VanderWaal's voice sounding like the dying groans of a 50 year old British woman (same with Courtney Hadwin last year, though with how Brits age, I believe she'll look the part within 5 years). If this girl continues to sing songs about being bullied, despite having now achieved national popularity, it will show that the high school social hierarchy is impossible to please. Of course the more likely scenario is her shouting out her 30 person friend group after revealing that the "bullying" was the teacher accidentally spelling her name wrong or something ridiculous.

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